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Episode 6, "Ill be judge, I'll be jury"

[SPOILERS ahead! I strongly recommend to watch the episode before reading this!]

After the spotlight on Alice's background in the episode from last week, this episode features a "villain of the week"...the Executioner. We get to see more of Alice and her "brother" Mouse and a little more background on Luke. And we get to see a LOT of Batwoman! :-)
My highlights from this episode:
1 – The amount of Batwoman screentime! Even more of Batwoman as in episode 4 (with Magpie) and she has quite some action scenes and also has a long scene with her father. Actually the first time they have met.
2 – The long scene with Batwoman, the Executioner and Jacob! Wow, that was a fantastic scene in my opinion! First the fight VS the Executioner and than the thrilling meeting with Jacob who points a gun at his own daughter without knowing it. The danger of him getting closer to that cowl of Batwoman, closer to finding out the truth about Batwomans identity....thrilling! And the room filled with gas was a a worthy climax of the episode.
3 – The MASSIVE secret identity stuggle! Sophie is now sure that Kate is Batwoman. She has no real proof of it, but she even wanted to tell Jacob about it (what a snitch move!). Also Mouse found out about Kate being Batwoman and there was the severe danger that Sophie would tell Mary about it. And
4 – The Executioner! I like the background story behind him. Even it would have been good to include more dialogues with him...his reasons to get on a killing spree were solid. But...of course...."a little" drastic ;-) . And his outfit, mask and the massive axe...quite an appearance!
It's hard for me to figure out where Sophie is heading. First she denies her feelings for Kate, and now as she is convinced that Kate IS Batwoman, she even wants to tell that to her father. Ok, she thinks that her being Batwoman is dangerous...what it is, but betraying her by telling her father? Even after Mary told her not to hurt Batwoman by exposing that secret! I hope Batwoman will try somehow to convince Sophie that it isn't Kate under the mask.
It was interesting (and sad) to hear what happened to Lucius Fox. But finally a little more background for Luke!
The "former Mayor Cobblepot" line was a nice "easter-egg". Also the mentioning of Jack Napier as the Joker.
This new gun will be a real thread for Batwoman in the future! And I wonder what plans Alice actually has for her father and sister (and perhaps even for the whole city?).
No real issues, but two scenes were a little ..."uncool". First Batwoman is too slow to react to the approaching car (ok, she couldn't see it, but it seemed pretty loud)....and then the Executioner TOTALLY ignored her. Ok, she isn't one of his targets but....she is a thread to him. So why not attack her as she lies on the ground, hurt and out of order for now? And perhaps, if he is only a little curious....that would have been a perfect chance to UNMASK the Batwoman. Ok, maybe he was in a hurry to leave.
The second scene with a flaw in my eyes: In the court as the gas floods the room. Why is Batwoman isn't prepared for it? She has many gadgets, and a gas mask/oxygen mask is among them! Ok, she can't have all the gadgets on her belt....but she knew the bad guy wanted to gas the judge, so it would have been a good move to be prepared for that.
It was a pretty dark episode. And that always fits to Gotham and Batwoman. In combination with the exe-wielding provided a good atmopshere.

>>> Rating “General:” <<<
(4 out of 5 - good story with a lot of Batwoman and a good villain - changed my mind...from 3,5 to 4)

+ Bonus for for a lot of Batwoman and the secret identity issues :-)

What do you folks thought about the episode?
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Excellent review! Good stuff! Keep 'em comin'! :)
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