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Episode 7, "Tell me the truth"
Spoilers ahead, if you haven't seen the episode....

This episode was mainly about the relationsship between Sophie and Kate and the big danger that Batwoman's secret identity would be revealed to Jacob and the other crows.
My highlights from this episode:
1 – Julia Pennyworth enters the show! I think she made a really good debut in the show. Would be very interesting if she would become a regular or would have some more guest appearances at least. With her shared past with Kate and her willing to risk a LOT to save Batwoman in this one....that could become a strong bond between them. Even Kate wasn't very happy at first :lol:
2 – The whole "will Sophie tell Jacob?" aspect! That was quite a rollercoaster ride. The outcome was quite unclear for most of the time which made it pretty thrilling to me.
3 – Plan C! As soon Kate mentioned the "plan C" I immediately thought about this "swap-move" with Julia. And Julia as Batwoman to pull Sophie of Kate's tail, was a really awesome scene for me.
Relieved that Sophie's intentions were finally thrown off track.....for now at least ;-)
4 – Luke's "dialog" with Kate! That was a really funny moment how he answered the questions he asked himself as Kate :-)
5- The flashbacks with Sophie and Kate! Glad to know more about their past at the academy. Especially as I understand Sophie a little better know. Still pretty unsure about what to think of her....
The whole Sophie/Kate relationship is puzzling to me. Sophie seem to want to get back to Kate, but as that doesn't worked....she immediately grabbed her husband. Pretty pragmatic.
I would advise Kate to keep that distance to Sophie that she builded at the end of the episode. So far Sophie has betrayed her twice already. That snitch move of telling Jacob that Kate is Batwoman was very uncool for me. Yes, she is afraid that Batwoman would get killed, but still...she could have warned Batwoman instead.
I am very happy that Sophie now thinks that Kate isn't Batwoman, one danger less for Batwoman/Kate. Putting Julia in that costume was a classic movie to save a secret identity. :-)
I think it was a bit...odd that Julia immediately realised who Batwoman is, just because of that move. But well, it was important for the story so she could save BW later.
The Kate/Sophie scene in the restaurant and the Kate/Mary scene at the end were also cool and showed that Kate actually stands up for her convictions (unlike a certain other person).
The "Mary sees Luke, Kate and Julia at the secret entrance" scene was a little strange for me. The security of the Batcave must get much better in the future! And Mary forgot about that door pretty much, why wasn't she more persistent about it? I would be very interested if these three would stand near a secret door...
Sophie's scene with the "wrong" Batwoman and Kate was intense! Loved it. Julia did a good job there.
The next episode has to deliver a LOT more about Alices plan, so far it's BIG question mark! And judging from the seems that the episode will deliver exactly that. Looking forward to it!

>>> Rating “General:” <<<
(3,5 out of 5 - a lot more about Kate and Sophies relationsship, good scenes with newcomer Julia Pennyworth, a little too less Alice)

Who has seen the episode already?
What do you guys thought about the episode?

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Good review. Thanks for posting it! :)
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