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In episode 1x07 the character of Julia Pennyworth can be seen wearing a black t-shirt with a graphic of a hand in a broken cuff. This is a graphic taken from my band's first EP.
I'm part of a duo named Go! Save The Hostages! and we're based in Cairo, Egypt. We play instrumental / ambient / postrock music.

The show's costume department contacted me over the summer requesting a few t-shirts saying that part of Julia Pennyworth's backstory is that she's into Arabic punk/indie music; this is actually part of Julia's original New 52 design.

When i looked her up, i saw the comic character has a dark hue to her skin so i thought they were going to make the character half-Middle Eastern. I was a bit surprised when i saw Christina Wolfe playing the role but not disappointed in the slightest.

Given that i don't think there was any mention of music or the Middle East in the episode i think it's pretty cool the lengths they went to create an authentic backstory for her.
They could have easily gone with something generic that they created themselves but instead chose to go the trouble to contact me and purchase some t-shirts for something that wasn't even going to be mentioned in the show.
I spoke to one of the costume designers and they told me that one of the most fun parts of their job is to put in little easter eggs like that. It's really made me wonder about other innocuous set pieces i've seen and probably dismissed offhand!

As a lifelong comic fan i'm really honoured to be part of the Batwoman and DC multiverse / Arrowverse and just wanted to share my excitement with this forum, and to highlight the effort put in by the costume department in not only the badass superhero suits, but the thought and care put into the normal everyday clothing that the characters wear.

Thanks for reading!

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Congratulations on getting your image applied to Julia's tee. Good stuff! Bigger and better things are still to come I'm sure. ;)
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Thanks for that "insider" story, very interesting!
That must have been a pretty exciting process. :)
And I hope we will get to see more of Julia in this season .....or the next ones ;)
Pretty cool music by the way!
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