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Since we're now halfway the season (and we still have another TWO WEEKS before the next episode) I'm curious: what is your favorite episode(s) so far, and why?

Overall, I really like that they are not giving us episodes that are just excuses for one fight scene after another. I like a good action sequence as much as the next comic-book-geek, but that's the gravy. A good story and characters with depth are the real meat and potatoes, and I think that's what Batwoman is trying to deliver. Okay, so they still have plot holes that you can fly the Waverider thru, but what show doesn't have a rough period at the beginning?

I liked #106 "I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury" because it had the most detective-like feel and finding the villain was the main focus of the story (unlike #104 "Who Are You?" where the Reagan storyline seemed to be more center stage than the Magpie storyline).
I also liked #107 "Tell Me the Truth" mostly because I loved the character of Julia (and I really hope she becomes a series regular!)
#111 "An Un-Birthday Present" is my second favorite, if for no other reason than the burning car scene: it was so intense! I actually got a little teary-eyed when Kate climbs out of the car, leaving Beth behind. I also like how the Bat-Team is coming together, even if Mary is still in the dark.
But my favorite episode is #105 "Mine Is a Long and a Sad Tale", because it's such a wonderful character-driven story. So much angst! I think there's some good chemistry between Ruby and Rachel.
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Hmh, a rather tough question.
But let's start with your choices. The interesting thing is that you choose the two episodes that had only very, very, very little Batwoman in it for your favorite two episodes. The episodes with the many "Alice background" flashbacks. I agree both episodes were really strong and interesting as they delivered a lot of backstory and helped to explain/shape the already great Alice character.
And yeah, the burning car scene was indeed very intense. So great that Kate had another chance to save her sister. Even if that seems to be only "temporarily".... :o
As far as my choices for a favorite's complicated.
As much as I really, really like episodes 5 and 11.....I do wanna see Batwoman in action. Episode 5 had about 1 minute of her in action and episode 11 had around 15 seconds of Batwoman standing in front of the crowd (that was a good and important scene nonetheless)......
Regarding Batwoman scenes:
Ep 3 was good since she got her own costume and cowl.
Ep 4 delivered many, many scenes with Batwoman and Magpie.
Ep 6 had a lot of Batwoman, and yeah I liked the detective vibes in this one too. Also the scene with Batwoman and Jacob was really intense and interesting
Ep 7 was very good because of the secret identity struggle and the way they solved it with the false Batwoman (Julia)
Ep 10 was great since it had over 15 minutes of Batwoman and I love Alice's plan to "destroy" Batwoman by forcing her to unmask and use Parker to spread the word. Ok, the scene had flaws as video camera would have done the job too, Alice was there without her goons and Batwoman didn't try anything to stop Alice from blackmailing her.
But what is my favorite episode in the end?
It's a verrrry close call between episodes 4,6 and 10.
If I have to's 10.
The easier question would be:
Which is your LEAST favorite episode? ;)
That would be ....the pilot....easy choice. That was too much for one episode.
But ok, pilots are always difficult as so many characters need to be introduced etc.
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