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  4. Saturday, 01 May 2021
I have a theory:
I think that Angelique will be killed during the next episodes!
Well, she started as a "bad" character and was lately redeemed as she went to prison for keeping Ryan safe.
Black Mask needed her to cook Snakebite for him. As it seems she can't do it (fully?) on her own therefore she offered to find Ocean for him.
Once Black Mask has Ocean, he doesn't need Angelique anymore. She snitched on him, so I bet he wanna kill her off then.
Crowphie thinks that Kate is dead. I think she started to have feelings for Batwoman on Coryana and maybe for Ryan as well. Now she knows that Ryan is Batwoman, which should further deepen their relationship.
In a dramatic chain of events, Angelique gets killed off by Black Mask, and Batwoman swears bitter revenge on him as it is now personal for her. Crowphie is there for Ryan/Batwoman, who now starts to develop feelings for Crowphie as well.
Things get really dramatic as they find out that Kate is still alive! ;) :p

Ok, that should be enough guessing the future storyline for today... :D
What do you folks think about it?
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About Coryana, in my opinion, there was more between them than you think....but ok, everyone can interpret that differently.
I think there are signs especially that Sophie has feelings for Ryan/Batwoman. And that started early on in the season. I remember Sophie's reaction as Batwoman said that she wouldn't be into men...on that art thingy in the hangar in episode 5. And the way she reacts to Batwoman/Ryan....I think there is something more. And maybe Sophie has a "thing" for masked women in sexy costumes. :D
In the other direction, Ryan/Batwoman has shown not that many feelings for far....well, let's see. That may change with Angelique out of the picture and Sophie telling Batwoman that she knows her secret, which was a hurdle between them.

Yes, it would be "soap-opera-esque", but rather very mildly in comparison to what actual soap operas come up with. And I certainly wouldn't call the writers "stupid" for that...if they will go for that. I have confidence in them as they delivered for the most my opinion.
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Yeah, I had already pegged Angelique as dying before the end of the season. Given her circumstances, I think it would be cool if she had a heroic death, like taking a bullet meant for someone else (Ryan?), the ultimate redemption.

I don't think there'll be anything more than friendship between Sophie and Ryan.
1) That would mean Sophie's role in the show is to be the girlfriend of Batwoman, regardless of who's behind the cowl - not a good move (altho, that has not stopped the writers before...)
2) There's already hints that there's going to be a romantic interest between Ryan and Jordan Moore (director of the community center). Not everyone can/should be romantically interested Ryan!
3) There was no show of interest between Ryan and Sophie on Coryana - there was two people putting aside their differences because one of them was dying. Sophie was being compassionate, nothing more.

If Sophie and Ryan did end up starting to develop a romantic relationship and then find out that Kate was still alive - that would be too soap-opera-esque, and I really hope the writers aren't that stupid!
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