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Just a reminder,Javicia Leslie is currently back on the final season of The Flash in the first graphic novel of the season focused on Red Death.

She returned at the end of last week's episode and will be in tonight's episode and next weeks.

Still from tonight's episode.

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The Flash Recap: Iris Is Pregnant! — Plus, Javicia Leslie Talks About Spoiler's Battle With Red Death

By Matt Webb Mitovich / March 8 2023

This Tuesday night, The Flash — and with eight final episodes to spare — at long last delivered on a key part of #WestAllen’s destiny, with the reveal that Iris is pregnant.


Fans probably envisioned the lonnnnng-awaited pregnancy news being delivered a bit (OK, a lot) differently. Like, Iris finds out on her own, then shares it with the hubs. Instead, the big moment arrived during a Team Flash & Family get-together at Joe and Cecile’s house, after Red Death had been bested and locked up at ARGUS. (More on that in a sec.)

The gang was gathered to bid farewell to Joe, who is moving to Jesse L. Martin’s new NBC show/the countryside with Jenna (Cecile will be with the family on weekends, though!), when Iris started feeling light-headed. Khione (aka NotFrost/NotCaitlin) then plainly observed, “You’re pregnant” — because “kissing” Mark back to life and intuiting health conditions are, apparently, powers she has…? Anyhow, Iris, Barry et all took Khione’s observation as scientific fact, and began celebrating.

Oh, amid the same family-friendly gathering, Allegra told Chester that their weeks-ago kiss was the best she’s ever had, ever, so they lunged into a second one — in front of everyone. (Iris, for one, wondered why their hook-up took so long.)


Rewinding now a bit…. The bulk of the episode “The Mask of the Red Death, Part Two” revolved around Ryan Wilder’s doppelgänger and her evil back-up plan, since the cosmic treadmill has been destroyed. She decides to mete out justice on this Earth by stationing psychically created avatars of her self all over the world. To pull off this trick, she reveals that she got Grodd, the hyper-intelligent telepathic gorilla, to ally with her and supercharge her powers. (tl;dr “Crisis” had displaced and separated Grodd and his kind, so he was happy to betray The Flash.) Barry, though, located Grodd and convinced him to be a hero again, to help save the world. Grodd agreed — and what’s more, he gave Barry’s sapped superspeed a supercharge, allowing him to face off again against Red Death.
“It was a lot of material,” Javicia Leslie says of her Red Death suit. “It was a lot going on.”

And face off they did. Flash and Red Death sped all around town, trading punches and lightning and what not. But when Red Death gained the upper hand and sent Flash crashing, who showed up to stop the bat-speedster in her tracks but… the real Ryan Wilder, our Ryan Wilder, the hero of TV’s Batwoman!

Javicia Leslie, who played Red Death, was in on the dual role all along.

From go, “I knew there was going to be a journey,” the Batwoman alum tells TVLine. In the end, “I knew it was going to be Good Ryan versus Bad Ryan.”

Not that Leslie sees that much of a difference between her original caped crusader and the self-described “Nuts!” one from another Earth.

“When I’m playing Bad Ryan, there is so much darkness that I allow to be the driving force,” the actress explains, “but in truth, I think the only difference between Good Ryan and Bad Ryan is that Bad Ryan was trying to do something good, and when she failed she went dark. But when I play Good Ryan, I get to lean back into the light, and I love that.”

Leslie goes on to effuse that “it was fun to be able to be Ryan amongst the cast — Candace [Patton], Grant [Gustin] and everyone,” whom she previously worked with in The Flash’s Season 8 “Armageddon” arc. “And obviously, this was very cathartic, too. It felt good to suit back up [as Batwoman] at least one more time.”

Before bidding Team Flash at STAR Labs adieu, Ryan invited Iris to meet up sometime for mimosas, with her, Alex, Kara and Nia — three characters from sister series Supergirl. The absence of the name Sophie from that invite, as in the Crows Security commander Ryan was dating when Batwoman ended, should not concern any ‘shippers, however.

“It doesn’t mean anything,” Leslie makes clear, explaining: “It was a bunch of superheroes that I was asking her to meet up with.”

Javicia Leslie breaks down that Red Death twist on The Flash: 'I felt right at home'

"I'm glad we were able to do that," the former Batwoman star tells EW of how her arc on The Flash ends.

By Sydney Bucksbaum
March 08, 2023

Warning: This article contains spoilers about Wednesday's episode of The Flash.

Batwoman was canceled after season 3, but Javicia Leslie got to suit up as Batwoman one more time less than a year later on The Flash.

After playing the supervillain Red Death for multiple episodes in The Flash's final season, Leslie's original Arrowverse character Ryan Wilder a.k.a. Batwoman returned in Wednesday's "The Mask of the Red Death, Part 2" to help Barry (Grant Gustin) and the rest of Team Flash defeat her evil doppelganger. "I was really excited, I'm glad we were able to do that," Leslie tells EW of playing Ryan again. "I knew from the beginning when [The Flash showrunner] Eric [Wallace] and I talked about it, he told me it would end up being good Ryan vs. bad Ryan. I loved it."

Below, Leslie talks with EW about concluding her run on The Flash, playing Batwoman again, and more.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was your reaction when you learned your arc on The Flash would end up as you fighting yourself, Red Death vs. Batwoman?

JAVICIA LESLIE: Excited. That's an actor's dream to be able to play two versions of a character or two different characters in the same project. You get to make decisions for each character to help them truly be separate and different, and you get to play in that world. It was easier for me because Red Death is masked, so it's not like I had to do things like talk to myself and there's no one really there. I could have a stand in because from behind — you wouldn't know the difference — but it made it a lot of fun.

How did it feel getting to suit back up as the Ryan Wilder from Batwoman after your show was canceled?

A lot of fun. It was exciting. I had a great time on set with all the different cast members, and anytime I get to suit up, it's really fun. I felt right at home when it was time to suit up, so that was great.

Did you have to do anything to get back into character, or was it like riding a bike?

No, not really. I don't do any rituals to get back in character. I think at this point, Ryan is a bit embedded in me. I just know once I suit up, I start to feel it out and I start to feel like Ryan again, and then I just go have fun on set.

Did you and showrunner Eric Wallace have conversations about where Batwoman has been all this time?

Well, it's not like Batwoman has been anywhere for a long time — this is running pretty much present day. The only thing that happens in the episodes is that Ryan disappears, but it's not that so much time has passed since the last time we've seen Ryan. Everything that's going on when we left Ryan is still pretty much going on, so we didn't have to really talk about that. Eric and I mainly talked about Red Death because I'm more Red Death in the episodes than I am Ryan, so really the work was developing Red Death's storyline.

How did you go about portraying Red Death, especially when her mask is off, to make her a different character from Ryan?

I don't know that I did anything too intentional. It kind of started happening on its own. It definitely started with the voice because even though my voice was going to be modulated, they needed me to speak in a much lower tone. That influenced a lot of the darkness that Red Death plays with. But then also just the element of when Red Death can't control her surroundings or when things happen, instead of finding new ways to go about it, she goes into a very dark mode. Playing with that in scenes, I think there's this beauty when you're playing a bad guy where it's like you can't really do wrong because you're already technically wrong.

There's a freedom in trying things, and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't, but it's fun. It's very freeing as a artist when you get to play darker characters. Whenever I was playing Batwoman/Ryan, it's just a lot different because your choices have to be very in alignment with what's right, what's good. You do have an intentional energy in playing that character of always wanting to maintain what's right and what's good.

I loved the scene where Ryan and Iris bond over their mutual respect for each other. What was it like filming that moment?

It was fun. To me, honestly, it's no different — all those scenes were a lot of fun. The cast is just really great, so anytime I get to play with them, we all had a great time. Even in that last scene, it was cool to be able to see everyone. I don't think I had a scene with Allegra or Chester before that one, but I had multiple scenes with Candice's character throughout shooting, and I definitely have multiple scenes with Grant's character throughout shooting, so it was cool to bring everybody together.

What did you think of the line where Ryan reveals she has monthly brunches in Gotham with Kara, Alex, Nia, and now Iris?

Oh yeah, I think that is so cool. That's always a great way to keep the Arrowverse flowing, knowing that they're all connected even when the cameras aren't rolling.

With The Flash ending this season, and the Arrowverse ending with it, is there any chance we'll see you back playing this character again in the future in any capacity? Or are you hanging up the Batsuit for good?

Oh, I don't necessarily think like that. It's about opportunity. If we're able to create again, of course I would love to be a part of it. It would just depend on what WB and DC decide to do. But I'm always open to play in the Bat world.

The Flash airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the CW.

Javicia Leslie Reflects on Reviving Batwoman for ‘The Flash’ & That ‘Epic’ Brunch Invite

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Batwoman’s Javicia Leslie On The Flash Season 9’s Red Death Saga

I think the fact that Ryan,Kara,Alex and Nia have brunch each month in Gotham is so cool.
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The Flash: Javicia Leslie Says Red Death's Plan B Is 'A Lot of Fun,' Hints at Closure for Batwoman Fans

By Matt Webb Mitovich / March 7 2023

News of Batwoman‘s cancellation after three seasons had barely set in when that Arrowverse series’ star, Javicia Leslie, received an unexpected invitation from The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace.

“Eric first called me when the show was cancelled, and he gave me his thoughts on that,” Leslie tells TVLine with a chuckle. “Afterwards, he said, ‘Don’t you worry, I’ve got something planned for you,’ and I said, ‘OK.’ And then maybe a month-and-a-half later, in June or July, he calls me and tells me about Red Death.

“We’re both comic book geeks, so we geeked for a second about it,” she notes.

That geeky cred notwithstanding — and given that Wallace has made clear, “We’re not doing the Metal Knights storyline from the comic book, or any Metal- or Dark Metal-related storyline” that saw Bruce Wayne evolve into the bat-speedster — Leslie said she purposely avoided a deep dive into previous Red Death incarnations.

“That can be limiting,” she explains, “but I did take a look at some [source material], to get an idea for the fullness of the character. And I also watch The Flash, so I do understand dark speedsters and their goals, and where their rage comes from.”

Speaking of rage…. Leslie says that the more Red Death roared at foes and minions alike, she kept hot water with lemon handy on set to (mostly!) keep from losing her voice. “But I did feel a little Bane-ish at times,” she recalls, “so if anything I made sure to not let that be too much of my influence. But sometimes I could hear that Bane voice and be like, ‘We don’t want to go there.'”
Javicia Leslie says there was never any talk of filming Ryan Wilder’s doppelganger’s wild backstory: “We didn’t have that kind of time.”

When last we tuned into The Flash, Barry and his band of (good) rogues succeeded in destroying the cosmic treadmill that Red Death aimed to use to pursue her evil agenda, though they did have to leave Chillblaine for dead, as they hurriedly hopped a portal back to STAR Labs.

This is by no means a significant setback for the bat-speedster, however. “Well, you know that I’m not going to take it lying down,” Leslie previews in character, “so Red Death has to go back at it and get what she came here for!

“She has a very solid Plan B, and the Plan B is going to be a lot of fun,” Leslie says with a laugh. “That’s what I’m excited for fans to see.”

As the Red Death/”Bad” Ryan Wilder arc continues, Leslie says that Batwoman fans are “definitely going to find out” what the deal is with the Ryan Wilder they know and love from the last two seasons of the Gotham City-set series. In fact, they might get a certain amount of closure, as Leslie herself did in revisiting at least one version of Ryan.

“I said that to Eric [Wallace], that this feels like a good goodbye — and not just a goodbye to Batwoman but a goodbye to The Flash and a lot of the Arrowverse,” the actress shares. “I’m really happy that Eric was able to being a lot of us back to give our real farewells.”
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