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SPOILERS! Watch the episode before you go on!
SPOILERS! Watch the episode before you go on!
SPOILERS! Watch the episode before you go on!

My highlights from this episode (without particular order):

1 – Poison Ivy and Poison Mary in action! It was a fun start to the episode as Poison Mary and Poison Ivy well....tortured....that CEO of Gotham healthcare. Mary seemingly was in good control of her powers and Pam was mentoring her. I guess most of the audience incl. myself had little pity for that guy as Mary listed many of the problems in healthcare. It was rather unclear what his fate actually was. He wasn't killed on screen, but somehow I doubt these two let him go afterward... on the other hand, he wasn't mentioned as a second victim of Mary at the end of the episode.

2 – Poison Ivy recharged! Obviously these 10 years of "sleeping" had a massive effect on Pam. After she recharged herself with Mary ...the human battery... in the last episode, she still needed her several times in this episode. Don't know how that exactly works but I guess Pam never fully recharged herself in one session as that maybe would have killed Mary? As they mention Poison Ivy was too strong even for Batman 10 years ago, and we (seemingly) never see Poison Ivy at 100% here.

3 – Finally! Batwoman in (real) action again! After very little Batwoman action over the last 5 episodes, we finally get a lot of screentime and action scenes with her in this one :-). The chase after the ambulance was well done, especially as Batwoman jumps onto it. And the fight with Poison Ivy at the end was really well done and thrilling! And I love that setting inside the dam with water pouring into it, a great set! Also, it was a good idea to "power down" Poison Ivy before such a fight, so Batwoman would have a chance against her.

4 -Jada and Batwoman! As Jada's relationship with Ryan improved lately, her relationship with Batwoman isn't exactly good right now! She demanded her son back in exchange for the Joybuzzer, which was quite an odd demand as team Batwoman don't have anything to gain from that, and Jada needs that fixed Joybuzzer herself in order to possibly heal Marquis. Also, Jada gave Batwoman a VERY short time limit to get her son back. However, Jada is now really angry at Batwoman and blames her publicly at the end of the episode! But does she think that will bring Batwoman to give her Marquis back? Jada is now pretty much at war with Batwoman already. Will be interesting to see how that turns out. So far she doesn't know that Batwoman is actually her daughter. But I bet Marquis will tell her, as that secret identity gets passed on and on and on....

5 – Mary herself again! I'm glad that Mary is herself again, her as a dangerous villainess was fun while it lasted, but Mary is needed on the Batteam and also as a doctor outside it. She will have a really hard time processing the events, especially with her killing that guy. I guess that won't have any juristical consequences as she wasn't herself...even I don't know if it would be that easy in reality. Also, she will be troubled by the fact that she told Marquis who Batwoman and Batwing are!

6 – Alice driving the Batmobile! Never thought I would see that, and I was surprised at first that Batwoman allowed her to drive it. But it was a great scene and very funny here and there. Especially as Alice was fooling around with all those weapons and Batwoman had to stop her from firing rockets for fun :lol: . Also, it was pretty funny how they listened in on Renee and Sophie!


Aspects I didn't like in this episode:

>>> The flashbacks in the big showdown were interesting as they revealed how they did certain things (like poisoning Poison Ivy) but these flashbacks also took some speed away from the action as they were cut into action scenes. I would have preferred to see these preparations before the showdown.

>>> Not a big issue...but it was slightly ...bizarre as Renee opened the door of that plane in mid-flight and nothing happened except it got only a little windy. You don't need to have much knowledge of physics to know that they would get easily sucked out of the plane, especially as they were standing right next to that door. Also, unless the plane was way beyond normal altitude... they couldn't breathe at that height with the door open.


More interesting aspects for me:

--- I thought that the kiss between Sophie and Ryan would speed up their relationship much more, but Ryan seems still a little reserved about it. I think Sophie has made up her mind and is way more secure about what she wants.

--- It was really cool to have Batwing back in action! It was time that Luke would overcome his issues and would be ready to be Batwing again! Pretty sure he will be needed a lot in the upcoming season finale. I don't fully understand how he actually got access to the suit as they were still in the Holdup and not in the Batcave. Guess he made a quick visit to the Batcave before the showdown.

--- It looks like we won't see Renee and Pam again in this season. Moving them to Coryana is a nice move as that was maybe the best option for them.

--- Now that Poison Ivy is gone... the other big villain of the season is back! It was no surprise that Marquis would be back in the show as his storyline wasn't over. His knowledge of Batwoman's secret identity will be very dangerous and he could easily use that to destroy her and her team. He could also tell his mother about it... Will be interesting to see what his master plan now is.

--- With Marquis be awake again....will the Batteam be able to use the Batcave again? I mean as he is the head of WayneTech for the moment he is in control of that building. Right now it seems like he doesn't know where the Batcave is....unless Mary told him that as well.

--- And what will Alice do now? Renee controlled her....and she is gone. Her plan to separate Mary from the other didn't work out. So, what will she do now? I don't think she will just run off ;-)

My rating:
4,5 out of 5
So far my favorite episode of this season, as this has a lot of Batwoman action and some real highlights!
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