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[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]
[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]
[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]

My highlights from this episode (without particular order):

1 – Alice is out of her mind! And even more than usual ;-) . Alice is now hallucinating quite a lot and Mouse and Ocean are back to haunt her and blame her for their deaths. And yeah, I can't blame them. The whole start of the episode is actually a hallucination from Alice in which a court lets her go after her insanity was "cured". Luckily that was only a fantasy, I would have been really (kind of) angry if that would have been the reality. The whole "you did that all these murders as you were insane and now you are cured and free to go" idea.... is bad. Alice must be held responsible for all her my opinion. But I am sure that won't happen and she won't go to jail in the end..... But it was nice to have Beth back here, even it was only for some short scenes.

2 – The battle for the joybuzzer! Marquis wants him for himself so that no one else can use it on him. Alice wants it for herself to "cure" herself. And the Batteam wants it to "cure" Marquis. Will be interesting to see who will win this battle in the end. I have a feeling that Marquis won't be in the next season (if there is one...) so I think he will be written out. Either he gets frozen, killed, or ends up in prison. I would go with frozen....that was Jada's plan all along. So maybe Alice will get the joybuzzer to become Beth again?

3 – Ryan and Sophie are a "thing" now! Sophie managed to convince Ryan to make their relationship official after Ryan wanted to hide it from Luke early in the episode. But with Sophie's background... it was understandable that she wanted Ryan to commit to this fresh relationship. It was really hilarious as Mary found out and started mumbling :lol: . She has much better antennas than Luke who didn't know what was going on at all.

4 - Mary wants forgiveness! Mary visited the family of the hunter that she killed as she was Poison Mary. But she finds out that someone actually told the authorities that Alice was responsible, and that was actually Alice herself. Earlier in the episode, Mary blamed Alice that she didn't stop her as she was Poison Mary and so more or less blamed her for the death of the hunter. Alice wanted Mary to help her get the joy buzzer and called her sister, but Mary refused. Now she sees that Alice blamed herself so that Mary wouldn't be held responsible.

5 – The Cout of Owls gets killed off! Well, for the most part. I really like the idea of the spinning wheel that Marcus used to determine how the next one would have to die. Even that seemingly didn't work on Barbara Kean who was still alive for some reason as Batwoman showed up. I really liked the reference to James Gordon, the father of Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl.

6 – The Joker created Alice, Batwoman 1.0, and also Marquis! We get to see the original Joker in some flashback scenes. Well, only parts of him, but it was interesting how the whole original Joker storyline with the bus was portrayed. In the bus, he used the joybuzzer on Marquis who turned insane at that moment. Also, he shoved the car with young Beth and Kate Kane from the bridge and thereby created Alice and Batwoman 1.0 also, even in an indirect way.


Aspects I didn't like in this episode:

>>> The scene where Marquis gassed Alice was quite odd. I mean his face was very very close to the gas cloud that he shot at her. I would say he would inhale the stuff as well. But perhaps he is immune to that stuff for some reason? Seems like a long shot.

>>> Batwoman unmasked herself again, and I am not sure if Barbara was (still) conscious at that point. She shouldn't let herself get provoked by her crazy brother that easily. He blamed her for hiding behind a mask so she took it off.  Which is never a good idea, unless the surrounding is completely safe for that. And not only she risked showing her identity to outsiders she also thereby have up some protection as that mask protects parts of her head. Also, Batwoman had only this one short action scene before she unmasked herself into Ryan. And it's a running gag by now that they cut away as soon as she touches her mask to pull it up straight....which actually wouldn't work with the chin strap still in place.


More interesting aspects for me:

--- Ryan's mom surprises Sophie who was still in her underwear (then covered up by a shirt). Quite a funny scene!

--- Marquis kills Kikki! Well, not a big surprise that a crazy guy like he would kill someone off after he/she has fulfilled the task he/she was needed for. I really like crazy Kikki, but well, no surprise that she wouldn't stay in the show for long.

--- The fight with Alice and Sophie over the joybuzzer was interesting. Batwing then also showed up to stop Alice from using the buzzer.

--- I liked Marquis's idea to freeze Ryan to get back at her for trying that on him. Luckily Jada was there to save her.

--- Alice's selfishness was again demonstrated as she gave crazy Marquis the secret on how to get into the Batcave. Now he has all the gadgets and weapons and is even much more dangerous to the city and the Batteam! And that's an interesting parallel to the ending of season 2 where evil Kate had many gadgets and weapons from the Batcave. Looking forward to seeing what Marquise's endgame is! Even the trailer for the next episode gave a good hint about that ;-)

--- The Batsymbol with the Joker smile at the very end of the episode was a nice idea

>>> Rating “General:” <<<
4 out of 5
A good episode with some interesting storylines. Not much action in this one, but very enjoyable!
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