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[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]
[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]
[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]


My highlights from this episode (without particular order):

1 – The battle for the joybuzzer! Well, it was a rather safe bet that Alice or Marquis would get buzzed by that one-shot thing and thereby "cured" of being a psycho. And Marquis was the "winner" as he got buzzed by Batwoman in the end. Seemingly he was really cured by that and I guess no one will now charge him with anything as the Joker was responsible for his craziness. Even I do think, that is too easy for Marquis who killed a lot of folks. But well, I bet he won't see the inside of a cell. Alice on the other hand has to get cured without a buzzer as was on her way to that clinic in Switzerland in the end, already with her Beth hair color. Somehow I have the feeling that she will get better there and the court then will forget about all the people she killed as she then is cured. But well, we will see in season 4....if there is one.

2 – Marquis wants to reveal Batwoman's identity!  At first, I found it odd that he would now reveal her identity after he talked about that with Batwoman and she convinced him not to do it as she would then reveal how crazy he is and how little he achieved with all he had. But the announcement was a clever move to lure all those people out in the open and close together to attack them with these Joker bombs.

3 – Batwoman VS Marquis! I really enjoyed the whole fight between them in the blimp and on the rooftop. Marquis is a good fighter and Batwoman fought without any gadgets perhaps as he is her brother after all. The fight over the one parachute was exciting and the situation where he was hanging at her arm reminded me big time at the first Batman movie with Michael Keaton where the Joker clutched onto Batman. Many parallels in these scenes ;-) . Except for the ending where the Joker was falling to his death in the movie....

4 - Alice in Arkham! Well, she was only there for a day or two this time, but the scenes with her and Mary and later with Ryan were quite emotional! She was so desperate that she tried to "cure" herself with a rod and some electricity....luckily for her Mary was there to stop her attempts. Later she tried to convince Ryan to use the joybuzzer on her (Alice), but Ryan convinced Alice that she would be able to get better without a joybuzzer. It was good to see that Ryan learned and this time was listening to Mary's take and was talking to Alice in Arkham in order to find a solution. And that paid off in two ways as Alice told Ryan about the whole "bomb Gotham with a blimp" plan.

5 – Batwing saves Gotham! After Batwoman took care of Marquis, Batwing saves Gotham by redirecting the blimp to an area that is seemingly pretty much abandoned. The first idea to let it explode over the ocean couldn't be done as time was too short (reminded me of TDKR where Batman flew the bomb out to the ocean). Ok, the whole technical aspects of why his father's AI could steer the blimp, and it was seemingly impossible to "just" correct the course manually.... are a little odd, but Luke saved the city by that and gave up the precious AI. This was the last step of Luke fully embracing his new role as Batwing.

6 – Alice on her way to becoming Beth again? For a change, Alice did actually some nice things here! She told Ryan about Marquis's plan and also potentially saved Batwoman and Marquis as they were in danger of falling down....even Batwoman might have prevented that with her Batarang. Will be very interesting to see what will happen to her in that clinic in Switzerland. And if she gets cured, will all her evil deeds have any consequences in regards to jail time? Or will she become Red Alice as many expect? I don't think that she will just turn into good Beth, as many fans would miss Alice a lot as she has quite a fanbase. So, I don't think that that would be a wise choice.


Aspects I didn't like in this episode:

>>> There were some small issues in this episode. I found it very odd that Batman had stashed a blimp away! For what purpose? I mean, such a thing is gigantic and really, really slow. Quite the opposite of what he needs.... and the CGI effects were showing big time here and there. And it was odd that Alice showed up at that rooftop in time to save Batwoman and Marquis. But ok, perhaps she followed the blimp... in order to perhaps help out?


More interesting aspects for me:

--- A fun fact about the clinic that Alice/Beth was heading to: The name of that clinic on the flyer was "Weiße Kaninchen" which translates to "white rabbits". Quite an odd name, but VERY fitting for Alice ;-)

--- Jada was a villainess in many episodes of this season, but she developed into a "good" character who helped out quite a lot. She provided a lot of technical help here and provided a high-tech computer system for the team so they could work without the Batcave. And now with her strong relationship with Ryan, she should be an important ally in the future for the team. And of course, Ryan has now her "real" mother back.

--- Throughout season 1 Luke and Mary seemed to get pretty close. Until now that was fully on ice....but here in this episode, they agree on missing that. I guess that relationship will finally be explored more....if there is another season. And these two would make a fine couple!

--- And by the way: Was that a latex pants that Mary was wearing throughout the episode? Guess not, but it surely was ....shiny.

--- The high-tech solution to reach all people of Gotham in case of an emergency was a good idea. Marquis took advantage of that system to lure the people altogether, but the Batteam used it in the way it was intended to from Batman, they managed to get the crowd to safety. Using the Penguin umbrella to manipulate them was a clever trick. Good that one of the trophies could be used in such a scene.

--- The scene at the end where Mary wanted to celebrate and the rest of the team wanted to prepare themselves for their next mission had me worried for a moment. It felt a bit like a proper ending to the season and to the show. Luckily the scene with the reporter in a hazmat suit(!) was added! It was a little weird that she and her camera guy would get into hazmat suits to work in that dangerous place where Joker's chemicals filled the air. It is really hard to say what attacked these two at the end. One arm and one leg were showing a lot of....bone...seemingly because of these chemicals. I don't have a clue if that was someone more or less famous from the comics or a random guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. But I guess we will see....if there is a ....

--- ...season 4? That is the big question now for me and the other fans of this show! In seasons 1 and 2 we got early renewals and knew that there would be a next season to look forward to. Now, season 3 is over, and we know nothing! The fact that the CW is up for sale is most likely not helping with the decision-finding process. I hope there is news on this matter in the next few days or at least in the next weeks. After all, the new season must be prepared with scripts and then it has to be filmed. With a usual start like in early October, it would be 7 months until we see a new episode. A verrry long time, but I would be happy to wait as that means there is a next season! If now the news would come out that this season was the last I would be equally sad and angry. And I must admit that the uncertainty about a next season did and does have an impact on me....

>>> Rating “General:” <<<

4,5 out of 5 - A very good season ending with a lot of Batwoman and some good action scenes. An ending that makes me look forward to another season!
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