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SPOILERS ahead! Watch the episode first!
SPOILERS ahead! Watch the episode first!
SPOILERS ahead! Watch the episode first!

My highlights from this episode (without particular order):

1 – A new member in the Bat-team! And certainly, none of the other team members is happy about the new girl! Seeing Alice in the Batcave alongside Mary, Luke and Ryan was certainly an unusual sight. But they have no choice but to work with her as Renee forced Ryan/Batwoman to work with Alice. We know also learn that Batwoman is responsible for Alice and Renee would put her in prison if Alice would escape. It was funny to see Alice googling in the Batcave to find out how she could get rid of that ankle tracking device and mocking them to work in such a cave as a whole skyscraper is standing on top of it. :-)

2 – Ryan meeting her birth mom for the first time! Jada Jet, head of Jeturian Industries shows up at Wayne tower after it was brought to her attention that her company was hacked by an IP address inside Wayne tower. She presented herself as a very tough and skillful businesswoman. Somehow I think she will become a villainess later on in the story, it's a feeling. She wasn't convinced of Ryan's performance as the acting CEO of Waynetech, not surprising after Ryan has no experience at all in that position/role. Will be interesting to see what Jada is up to.

3 – Mary + Luke! The scene between the shirtless Luke and Mary was intense and hilarious. After the two didn't have any such scenes in season 2, it was great to see them both having quite a crush on each other :lol: . The way Mary was mumbling as she saw Luke stripping off his shirt and revealing his muscles....was so funny! On the other side, it was quite "interesting" how Luke's heart rate shot through the roof as Mary was so close to him and examining him. For a second I thought they would kiss, but it was too "early" for that. But that certainly wasn't the last scene like that with these two ;-)

4 - Batwoman in peril! With her bulletproof suit, it's not happening that often that she gets in real danger. The scene where Croc's father electrocuted her over and over again was pretty intense! Hard to say how that would have gone when Croc wouldn't have shown up. He saved Batwoman more or less, even that wasn't his intention.

5 – Killer Croc! I had seen the preview pictures before, and I think that he looked really good, especially with such a CW TV budget! The fight with Batwoman could have been a little longer, especially as it was their only scene together, but it was well made....except for the ending...more on that later.

6 - Sophie + Ryan! The scene where Sophie talks with Ryan about Ryan's birth mom was well done. Sophie did a good job in comforting Ryan and I stick to my opinion....there is something between them. And I still bet there will be more ;-)

7 - Alice and the girl! It was very interesting to see that Alice still cared about that girl to go get her. But as she saw the kid had a broken leg, she wouldn't take the risk to save it. She left her and told her that she could only count on herself. The lesson Alice learned in her own life, or at least that was her impression. If
Aspects I didn't like in this episode:

>>> Long discussions under time pressure. It's a common thing that happens quite often in movies and TV shows. The scene with Alice and Batwoman discussing Ryan's moms' issues was misplaced. A girl was missing and in severe danger....not the time to have that discussion! Similar to Croc's father explaining all his son's processes in becoming Croc, but ok that discussion had to be done at that point.

>>> The end of the Batwoman VS Killer Croc fight was too early and a little unintentionally funny. Batwoman throws that device at him, a net opens up and pushes this least... 150 Kilo creature back against the wall over some distance? Well, that was a little too much! It would have been better if Batwoman would have ....for example....kicked him and thereby sending him against the wall....and then....the net would come into action.


More interesting aspects for me:

---  Seeing these teenagers in the pool getting attacked by this new Killer Croc, was a classic opening to a creature horror movie. Nicely done!

--- Mary and Luke still don't know that Ryan's birth mom is still alive. I wonder why Ryan still isn't telling them, especially as she was already confronting Jada about it. Will be interesting to see their reaction to the fact that she is still alive and also that Ryan didn't tell them earlier.

--- The fight with Alice and Batwing was well made. I guess normally, without special weapons, Alice wouldn't stand a chance, but Luke is still new to the "job" and also need to get used to his suit. I wasn't surprised that Alice would quickly find a way to get rid of that tracker. Now with these Nanobots inside her, it will get really difficult or impossible for her to run away.

--- It was nice to see that Batwoman got the thanks from the mother of that girl. Some appreciation always helps especially now with Alice and Renee around her.

--- I think that Mary is totally right about the failsafe in Luke's suit. In episode 1 it showed a warning to his elevated heart rate and shut down after that. I think Luke was in a full panic as he heard the gunshots due to his traumatic experience of getting shot by Tavaroff.

--- Again, Poison Ivy was mentioned in an episode as Renee experimented with that plant. Seemingly she doesn't know that the real plant is already in the Batcave as Batwing and Batwoman secured it in episode 1. I wonder when Poison Ivy will show up. Must be in episode 6, 7 or so....guess we know more when more episode titles are released.

--- The episode ended with a cliffhanger with Ryan revealing to Jada that she knows that she is her daughter. I wonder how Jada will react? Perhaps she will even deny it. Will be interesting to see where this storyline goes!

>>> Rating “General:” <<<
4 out of 5
Another good episode! Good storylines all around and a lot of Batwoman. Like the whole new situation with Alice and Luke as Batwing. Killer Croc was a solid villain
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