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SPOILERS AHEAD! Watch the episode before you continue!
SPOILERS AHEAD! Watch the episode before you continue!
SPOILERS AHEAD! Watch the episode before you continue!

My highlights from this episode (without particular order):

1 – Mary and Poison Ivy! Well, we didn't see Ivy in this episode, but it's safe to say that Ivy did something with Mary who awoke at some park bench without memories. Suddenly Mary has an interest in plants which already helped the team big time as she is able to unfreeze Jordan safely. I am sure that Ivy is using Mary in some way to help her, but well will know more about that soon.

2 – Ryan in the spotlight as CEO! Jada is pulling the strings as Ryan gets included in "30 under 30" and the media can't get enough of her. But as Jada really doesn't want Ryan and Marcus to get close she let the news out that the CEO of WayneTech is diverting money for his own uses for quite some time. Luckily Jada doesn't know for what that money was spent as it was in fact to finance all the gadgets of Batman and Batwoman.

3 – Alice loses it more and more! Alice's hallucinations are getting more frequent and worse. And the Bat-team suspects that they give her drugs in Arkham that are worsens Alice's condition. I wonder if there is someone in Arkham who will show up later on in the show that would profit from Alice getting nuts (more than usual).

4 - Icy figurines! Yeah, the CGI could be better on the frozen folks here and there, but still, the frozen figurines created some interesting horror scenes.....especially at the beginning where the guy was getting of that couch just to fall down and broke down into pieces... And frozen Jordan looked quite scary, nicely done!

5 – Evil Jada and the Black Glove Society! So far I was only suspecting Jada to be a villainess. But in this episode, we get not only that she is trying to takeover WayneTech she is also working with a secret society named the "Black Glove Society". So far we don't have the full picture as if her "only" goal is to freeze her son and stash him away. But why does she is so distant towards Ryan and even wanna put her son in some sort of coma-freeze? Right now she really seems like an evil witch ;-) - And what role does that Black Glove Society is playing in all of this?

6 - Alice! Once again Alice provides a lot of funny lines as referring to members of the Black Glove Society as "BeeGees" :lol: . And her interactions with Mary and Sophie were often really funny as well.

Aspects I didn't like in this episode:

>>> Very, very little Batwoman! After a LOT of Batwoman in the next episode, we get nearly no Batwoman at all in this one. A Batwoman screentime of about one lousy minute and no action at all. The overall action amount in this episode is very small. A big minus for me.

>>> The scene where Jordan gets tranquilized is quite odd, to say at least. I mean she is standing in a real big hall with dozens of people. A guy sneaks up on her tranquilizes her and drags her away....and NO ONE is seeing that? Seems very odd to me ;-)

>>> I was a little disappointed that the "head mercenary" from the last episode didn't appear in this one, especially as Batwoman still has a score to settle with her. Well, perhaps she will appear in a future episode.


More interesting aspects for me:

- In the last episode Alice was trying to manipulate Mary as she was trying to convince her that her role in the Bat team was very small and that the other would only rely on her if they would need her help. In this episode, Mary comes back after a night on a park bench (abducted by Ivy) and no one really cares as she is telling her story and that she couldn't remember who she got there. Ok, Luke was angry with Mary as she was "snitching" that he isn't ready to be Batwing yet. But still, he should have cared about Mary and her story....and Ryan of course should have taken Mary more seriously.

- The scenes with Luke and the AI were showing some unresolved daddy issues of Luke. And they also prove that Mary is totally right about him not being ready for action. I am very sure that Luke will fail as Batwing on one of the next missions and they will have a very serious discussion about his problems...

- I am wondering where the whole "Ryan as CEO"-story will go. I mean sooner or later it would be quite obvious that she isn't trained to lead such a company as she has no training in that direction. Ok, it seems that she will retire from that position to stabilize the plummeting stock prices of WayneTech. Will be interesting to see where this whole Jada VS WayneTech storyline will go. I mean in the end, Batwoman and her team do really need the money that was stashed away to fund all the gear and gadgets....

- The way Sophie looked at Batwoman as she and Alice were saved from the fire....was telling. I bet the growing love relationship between Sophie and Ryan/Batwoman will be a major thing in the future episodes.

- Sophie babysitting Alice.....that will be a very interesting duo! Alice teasing Sophie was always a lot of fun in the past :-)

- Will be interesting to see how Marcus and his sister will work together against their mother. I still think that Marcus has some hidden agenda and I don't trust him fully (yet), even Jada wants to sideline him permanently.

>>> Rating “General:” <<<
3,5 out of 5 - Certainly a "below average" episode for me.
Very little Batwoman, very little action.
Some interesting storylines without real highlights.
Quite a lot of funny Alice scenes.
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