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[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]
[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]
[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]

My highlights from this episode (without particular order):

1 – Poison Mary and Alice! Well, that was quite an interesting duo in this episode ...and I'm sure it will remain one in the upcoming episodes! Alice plotting and scheming as always, managed to pull Mary on her side and successfully divided the Bat-team. As usual, some funny lines here and there, and it was pretty hilarious how the two "flirted" to find a guy with a 0- blood type. Ok, I am not sure how Alice now got all nanobots out of her as you can't drain that much from one guy without killing him. But well, the whole Nanobot thing didn't work out, so it was time to get rid of it.

2 – A jealous Batwoman! It was interesting how jealous Batwoman/Ryan got as she found out that Sophie was screwing with Renee! The woman who blackmails her and would put her in prison if she wouldn't cooperate. So for now the Ryan and Sophie SHIP isn't really working out as well. But things will change before the season is over ;-)

3 – Marcus is losing it! He is going really nuts by now and the way he killed the security guard (and at least one scientist) shows how mad he actually is if someone was doubting that. It was no fun seeing him beating down "one-armed" Luke. Him blackmailing Ryan to step down as CEO was a great it was very intense....but also a bad scene, more on that later on. However, it was very well done how Marcus played Jada as he was acting as if he would be the poor victim. He will be a great version of Joker!

4 - Team Batwoman hits rock bottom! Well, more or less. Mary is gone, turned into a villainess (for now). Luke is hurt. They lost WayneTech and the Batcave and have "only" access to the car and the suit. But well, it's quite an interesting setting, will be interesting to see how they will come out of it!

5 – Batwoman and Alice fighting over Mary! It was a great scene as they both tried to pull Mary on their sides. Both had some good arguments, but as Mary forces Batwoman to tell the truth about what she would do to her without a cure....Mary's villainess side won. And it was interesting to see how Mary was fighting with herself (good VS evil Mary).

6 - Mary's Poison Mary costume! Well, I had seen preview pictures of it, but it does look really good in action (except the fact that the green of her boots doesn't fit the rest of her costume). I have no clue how she seemingly made that in some hours in a hotel room while being on the run....but ok. Maybe they robbed a tailor shop and kidnapped a tailor as they were there ;-) - Looking forward to how Poison IVY will look in her costume! Sure it will have a lot of green as well, but it will look different.

7 - Poison Mary and Alice flirting to get blood! That was REALLY funny, the way they tried to get someone with type 0- blood. Mary needs to work on her flirting skills :lol: , but well, with her persuading Poison Mary tricks.... she got the job done.


Aspects I didn't like in this episode:

>>> The whole Nanobots aspect including the blood transfusions. Why didn't they chase Alice as soon she was gone? Why do these Nanobots only work on a range of several miles? For such a high-tech tracking method it is a pretty useless one. And how Alice manages to get rid of all of them by exchanging some liters of her blood....I don't get it.

>>> It was a good plan to catch Marcus and freeze him. But why isn't there any security around the lab? He is a dangerous psychopath after all, but he manages to escape with ease, without having powers or weapons, other than the ones he manages to snatch there.

>>> And my biggest issue with the episode: Why does Ryan let Marcus blackmail her into stepping down as the CEO of WayneTech? Yes, he had the cure for Mary and it would have been very risky to attack him while he had it. But why didn't she attack him as soon she got it? I mean Ryan has serious fighting skills, she doesn't need her suit to kick ass. And the whole process of Marcus taking over WayneTech with that one (forced) signature....seems quite odd.

>>> It's now the 4th episode in a row where Batwoman doesn't have an (active) action scene. In episodes 4 and 5 she was barely to be seen and without an action scene. Now in episodes 6 and 7 she confronts Mary twice, gets wrapped up in plants/roots both times. Batwoman didn't fight with anyone in the last 4 episodes. I hope that will change in the next episode!


More interesting aspects for me:

--- It was a good idea as Ryan worked with Jada to trap Marcus so he wouldn't be a danger to anyone anymore. Ryan could have played to be surprised as these goons show up, in that case, Marcus wouldn't have known that she was involved. But ok, in the end, it was his plan to overtake WayneTech anyhow, so it wouldn't have made a difference.

--- It was fun to see Sophie waking up at Renee's place to find that note that she left her. I don't think this will go anywhere serious, but yeah, Sophie and Renee needed some "action" ;-)

--- I liked the Nocturna references as that is still one of my favorite episodes. I would love it if she would return to the show for another episode or two! The "vampire kink" line of the bartender was funny.

--- The officer wasn't very smart to stand in front of the vehicle as Mary and Alice drove over him. However, the scene showed that Mary's good side was losing the battle. I wonder if the fate of that officer will be mentioned in the future. After all, Mary won't be Poison Mary forever....and I wonder how she will then return to the Batteam. Right now she is a wanted criminal. Maybe she will be offered some sort of deal like they did to Alice? I hope Mary won't kill anyone as Poison Mary.... (if she hasn't already with that officer)

--- Not a bad aspect, but it was a little odd that it wasn't shown how Batwoman freed herself from that "plant bondage". Maybe the CGI budget was already spent? Or it was cut from the episode. Either way, team Batwoman has to find a way to deal with these plants and the mind control aspect! And that won't be easy as they don't even have access to the Batcave right now.

>>> Rating “General:” <<<
3,5 out of 5
A good episode with some flaws. But Poison Mary + Alice and Marcus were great and will be awesome villains in the second part of the season!
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