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SPOILERS ahead! Watch the episode before you continue!
SPOILERS ahead! Watch the episode before you continue!
SPOILERS ahead! Watch the episode before you continue!

My highlights from this episode (without particular order):

1 – Renee + Pamela! In this episode, we get several back flashes that show Pamela/Poison Ivy and Renee 10 years ago. Very interesting scenes that were crucial to show how deep their relationship was even Renee still decided to "put" Pamela away for good so she couldn't hurt anyone anymore. The cop inside Renee did the right thing as someone like Poison Ivy is dangerous to society. But we know now that Renee is missing Pamela too much by now so she decided to do a foolish thing. She listened to her heart and freed Poison Ivy. I guess she will regret that decision pretty soon when she realizes that others will be harmed by that decision.

2 – (Poison) Mary out of control! Wow, what is going on with Mary? She told Marquis that Luke and Ryan are Batwing and Batwoman! That is one really reckless move that will hopefully haunt her later on. I mean she is endangering them BIG time with that. A crazy lunatic like Marquis will easily use that knowledge to his advantage and crush them with it. Well, Mary is under Alice's influence, but I didn't see that coming....and I certainly don't get why Mary did it. Yeah, Luke and Ryan didn't treat her very well, but that move was ....pretty crazy and undeserved!

3 – Poison Ivy is back! Not only do we get her in some flashbacks, at the end of the episode she actually awakes from her "sleep" and it will be very interesting to see her in action in the present. Mary will certainly wanna see her and I am pretty sure they will team up and Ivy will be a teacher/mentor for Mary. And these two will come up with some evil plot....and then Renee will realize what she did with awakening her. And Bridget Regan looks great in that costume!

4 - Alice scheming as always! Alice is a really bad influence for Mary as she always instigates her towards Ryan and Luke. She wants her for herself I guess and wants to separate her from them. But what will she do when Mary is looking for Poison Ivy? Will these three work together or will Alice be jealous? Hard to say. Also, why did Alice reveal to Sophie that Renee had her own plan the whole time?

5 – A stunning masquerade ball with a crazy host! That masquerade ball was really something. I really like the whole look and Marquis was a pretty crazy host for sure! The whole aspect of him recruiting new folks for his new company was quite odd. Don't think many would wanna work for him after the way he treated the first guy who gave a "wrong" answer.  The costume department did a fine job in equipping all these guests! I found it pretty odd that Marquis didn't recognize her sister as she was standing in front of him. Yes, she disguised her voice in that funny french accent and only spoke very little. And she was masked, but that mask didn't cover all that much of her face. But ok... often even much smaller masks work in the Superhero movies and shows, so...that was ok.

6 - Hard decisions! Renee confronted Ryan with her opinion that Ryan should put away her "kid gloves" as it's her opinion that Ryan has to make the hard choices now that she didn't make in the past....according to her. It is clear is that there will be really tough decisions to make as team Batwoman has to take care of Marquis, so he is locked away for good and can't tell anyone the secret identities of Luke and Ryan. Also, they need to take care of Poison Ivy and cure Mary....I sense some more tough decisions ;-). And in this one, Batwoman makes the decision not to inject Mary with the serum....I hope this was the right one.

7 - Funny scenes and lines! Yeah, there were quite a few here. Alice and Mary in the hotel as Mary "persuades" the hotel manager that they will solve the problem with the 8000$ bill. Ryan as Penelope with a french accent. Renee finds out that Bruce Wayne actually is Batman.


Aspects I didn't like in this episode:

>>> Again, at least for the last 4 episodes, Batwoman doesn't have a real action scene. Only little action snippets like here where she throws the injector at Marquis. I would like real action scenes with her again where she has to fight a capable villain(ess) or some goons. Lately, it's way too little action for her...

>>> I don't like the way they handle Batwoman's secret identity. This episode was a fine example of that. Again, for the 100th time (feels like it) someone is giving away her secret identity to someone else. Alice told Renee, Mary now told Marquis, I bet Renee, Mary or Alice will tell Poison Ivy. Marquis may tell Jada about it or anyone else who comes along. It's totally out of control.

From the trailer, I thought Marquis would blackmail Batwoman into unmasking herself or he would shoot Luke. But as always someone was there to tell the next bad guy who Batwoman is. Like in the last season as Black Mask and Safiyah also know who she is at some point.

And what makes it even worse.....we are close to 50 episodes by now. Not once(!) someone came up with the idea of just unmasking Batwoman! Yes, you can remove that mask! Crazy idea! Unless you count the pull on the wig in season 1 as a try to unmask her (highly unlikely). As soon someone is interested in knowing who Batwoman is....someone else ...who knows it... pops up and tells them. It drives me crazy..... especially as I have this ...tiny... unmasking fetish ;-)


More interesting aspects for me:

--- I really like the main action scene as Renee, Ryan, and Sophie knocked out these goons. Well shot and as the action scenes are so rare lately....I am really happy about that scene. Only one thing was quite odd: These goons did not land one hit on any of them! Seems like Marquis hired to most incompetent goons :lol: .

--- Nice that the diaries of Batman were used here as we saw both Batwomen also writing diaries in the past. And the idea that Poison Ivy was in the Batcave the whole time is pretty cool! After all, that should be the safest place in Gotham.

--- It was unusual to see Mary basically seducing Marquis, a new side on her. And moments later she told him the most precious secret. She isn't herself....

--- Marquis was already dangerous before, but now as he knows who Batwoman and Batwing is....he must be locked away for all time. And in a way, he can't tell anyone that secret. Seems like Jada might get a second chance in freezing him for a looooooong time. I hope that she doesn't learn about their secret identities like I think she will..... Or they keep him so "dried up" as he is. But I bet he will show up sooner or later.

--- I'm looking forward to seeing what Poison Ivy, Mary, and Alice are up to and if they will work together.

>>> Rating “General:” <<<
4 out of 5
A good episode with some nice twists and turns!
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