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SPOILERS AHEAD! Watch the episode before you continue!
SPOILERS AHEAD! Watch the episode before you continue!
SPOILERS AHEAD! Watch the episode before you continue!

My highlights from this episode (without particular order):

1 – An unusual setting! I really like that this episode was set in the woods for the most part. Also, like the episode with Professor Pyg earlier, this episode had some horror elements in it, although not as heavy as in that one. And it fitted well to Poison Ivy that she would seek refuge there as long she wasn't at 100%.

2 – Poison Ivy on a killing spree! I'm not sure if Renee fully gets how crazy her idea was to revive Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy. At the start of the episode Poison Ivy already kills 2 fishermen who weren't releasing the fish back into the seas as a sign requested. One gets drowned, the other one escapes but gets impaled later on! And Renee is oddly calm about it, I don't understand her. These three are dead because she let Poison Ivy free! Renee is supposed to help the people of Gotham and she behaves as if Poison Ivy had stolen some candy from a store. Renee screwed up BIG time!

3 – Sophie kisses Ryan! Well, I predicted that this relationship would happen since the middle of season 2, and now, finally, one of them was making a big "move"! Also, it was a good way to shut Ryan up who was babbling way too much about her feelings :lol: . Will be interesting to see how this will progress with these two!

4 - Diggle returns! It's always cool when Diggle shows up and I enjoyed his storyline with Jada and with Luke. It was good that he told Jada to accept her "new" daughter and to embrace the fact that Ryan showed up in her life. And the dialog about the transmatter cube was interesting as that thing most likely contains the ring for Green I understand it. Jada actually showed that she isn't always an ice queen when she was flirting with Diggle, didn't see that coming!

5 – Poison Mary finds Poison Ivy! Even Alice and Renee tried to prevent it from happening....the two Poison girls meet here for the first time! Clearly, it seems that Poison Ivy's plan worked and she is now fully powered again! Will be interesting to see how that will affect Mary. I wonder if Poison Ivy now will work with Mary or if she isn't "needed" anymore. In that case, Mary would get really furious if her only purpose was to be a human battery for Pamela :lol: . I bet Alice and Renee will continue to try to get them separated as they both are jealous and have their own agendas.

6 – Poison Mary becomes a murderer! I don't get why the hunter was about to point that rifle at her as Mary was unarmed and down on the ground...BUT her reaction to his move was way too drastic. Perhaps she wasn't in full control of that as these powers are new to her...but she killed that hunter and the little boy doesn't have a father anymore. This will most certainly haunt her when she becomes the normal Mary again.


Aspects I didn't like in this episode:

>>> Again, very little Batwoman in Batwoman. She only has a rather short action scene, and a very passive one as she is basically only running away from these vines. It is starting to get a running gag as this is now the 5th episode in a row where Batwoman doesn't have a real action scene where she actively fights against someone. Yeah, I get it, action scenes are expensive and time-consuming, but I want MORE than that!

>>> As I predicted last week now Poison Ivy also knows who is under Batwoman's cowl as Renee told her off screen. First, I don't really get why she told her as she later is very motivated to protect the Batteam from Poison Ivy. But ok, I guess she only realized that after Poison Ivy did kill these fishermen, how dangerous she still is (surprise!). I guess Jada is now the only regular character who actually doesn't know who Batwoman is. That is annoying. And I bet someone will tell her.... :-(


More interesting aspects for me:

--- The scenes with Luke and Ryan were interesting as we get to know more about their emotional lives....even though this episode was already full of that. I guess Batwing will now finally appear again once the team has access to the Batcave, which should happen very soon.

--- The scene where Luke has doing pull-ups in front of Sophie was pretty funny (#HR matter). I am sure (normal) Mary wouldn't have complained ;-)

--- It was funny how Ryan still showed how jealous she was about Sophie making out with Renee (#no coffee for Sophie). Later it became a little too much, but luckily Sophie took the step and kissed Ryan.

--- It was good that Luke told Ryan and Sophie how he thinks he would be responsible for the bad things that happened lately. Sophie and Ryan then also opened up about their faults so they could finally go on.

--- The scene with the truck was slightly confusing for me. First I thought Sophie had shot at the truck to explode and Batwoman survived it without a scratch due to her batsuit. Later I realized that Sophie seemingly had shot at the gas canisters on the back of the truck. So, I guess "only" those blew up? As the truck was not fully destroyed. However, I think the suit is overpowered. ;-)

--- It was a smart move from Renee to build up a tolerance against Ivy's mind control powers. She was prepared for the worst case. Still odd, how little she cared about the dead fishermen.

--- The aspect with the joy buzzer will be interesting. It seems that there is actually hope now to cure Marquis of his craziness. I wonder how that will turn out in the end? As he knows Batwoman's and Batwings secrets, he must be locked away forever or cured....if that is really possible.

>>> Rating “General:” <<<
4 out of 5 - A good episode with some highlights and sadly little Batwoman screentime (once again)
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