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  3. Wednesday, 05 August 2020
Should a comeback to The Cw as a stagehand and set medic?
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??? Are asking in terms of "there's a pandemic, so how safe is it really?" or something else? That's a personal decision you have to make. For me, I had to go back to the office, where I work with about 50 other people cuz we can't do our job remotely, because I have to pay my bills. Everyone wears a mask, we do our best to social distance, we've put up makeshift barriers between the desks, hand sanitizer is everywhere, we wipe down our desks at the beginning and end of our shifts, and have to be screened when we first come into the office at the start of our shift.

But an office setting is much different that a sound stage. If the powers-that-be there insist on everyone taking proper precautions (e.g. anyone not in front of the camera must have a mask on) and everyone adheres to those precautions, well, then, it's up to you to decide if it's worth the risk. If you think it's too risky, there's no shame in that. Don't let anyone tell you it's not a big deal, cuz it most certainly is. There are a lot of online jobs now (e.g. contact-tracing!) that you could do in the meantime.

Whatever you decide, good luck, and stay healthy!
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