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  3. Tuesday, 06 August 2019
As you may have read the last days, CW boss Mark Pedowitz mentioned that they would develop another new show in the Arrowverse to start next year.
Some guesses/predictions that I read:
-„Blackstar“ aka „Star City 2040“ with the sons and daughters from team Arrow,
- a „Black Canary“-Spinoff with Katie Cassidy
- a „Green Lantern“ series with John Diggle (David Ramsey)

I would love a new show with Black Canary, Catwoman, Spoiler or Batgirl in the main role.
Black Canary would probably be the most likely among these wishes. She is already established in the Arrowverse.

What other shows could you imagine?
What show would you like to have?
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I’m really itching for a Suicide Squad series. I would love that. Out of the three you listed, as much as I would love Black Canary, I’d probably go for Green Lantern. Given the the Crisis on Infinite Earths has confirmed Green Lantern will be there, I think this would be the most likely. As much as I would LOVE a Wonder Woman reboot I think my dreams for that would sadly be on hold for much the same reason the Justice League would be hold. The movies. And even though Suicide Squad had a couple of movies, I think the anti-hero group has such huge potential. We’ve already seen with DC Legends and with the Agents of SHEILD that this kind of premise has traction so it would be nice to see it move forward in the future. Not to mention, it would be great fun come cross-over time, the method of “we must do what is right” vs “we must do what gets the job done”. A great contest in approaches I think.
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Since Batwoman is my favorite DC character, and I enjoy the Supergirl and Flash series, I am already over-catered for.

Whichever character or team they do will likely be in a different city to that of the current characters. So of the guesses so far, I'd say Green Lantern could be the most likely.
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