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I love this show to the max. One thing I just cannot get over is that when she hops out of the bat mobile she shuts the door with the glass.
All car guys know this is bad, for multiple reasons the most basic is that glass should never be touched by a human hand unless it’s a cup, because hands leave greasy residue.
The most important is that corvettes have window actuators that roll down ever so slightly when shutting the door and then seal up once the door is closed. Also an automatic window is on a metal track inside the door, so putting tension on the glass is just not a good idea.
Sports cars do not have window trims, therefore ur only option is to shut by the body of the door.
Pretend like you drive a sports car <3
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Pretty....odd topic....for starters... if you ask me. :D
I never really noticed how she closes the door, and I think there are only very few scenes where that is shown at all.
But, well, I guess if someone is a "car guy" like you, he/she notices things that others don't care about.
She doesn't touch the glass by hand as Batwoman is always wearing gloves.
Don't know about shouting the door by the body of the door, but well... perhaps the Batmobile is built so well that that isn't an issue.
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