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Greetings and welcome back Batwoman fans! Batwoman remains in the mainstream news cycle as both sides continue to make allegations and refute them. We are tracking the story and monitoring the situation but for now, we just want to continue our coverage of the adventures of Ryan Wilder as Batwoman! Tonight was another all new episode and if you remember last week, Ryan threw caution to the wind and blurted out to her mother who she really was! Obviously we are going to have some consequences with that. Additionally, the episode titled "Freeze" has us curious if we'll be seeing a new version of Mr. Freeze, or perhaps Mrs. Freeze? Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Freeze Bomb: School kids get a hold of the now-deceased Mr. Freeze's ice bomb. It gets set off on a city bus and freezes the bus solid. Ryan goes to meet with her mother and her mother says she wants nothing to do with her. In the Batcave, Alice is let out again to help with the Freeze bomb. Luke has tracked the other freeze bomb to the GCPD but it's already missing. Nora, Victor's wife who was held in stasis is alive!
  2. Nora Freese: Victor's wife was never unfrozen by her husband and he failed to cure her disease. Eventually she is unfrozen as the device fails and she wakes up. 20 years later, she is confused about the time jump but there is a cure for her disease. Too confused about the time jump, she is admitted to Arkham. She broke out three years ago and has been living on the lam. Ryan's brother wants to team with her to prove to their mother he's worth something.
  3. Alice Sick: Mary checks out Alice and she seems healthy. She admits to the vision of seeing post cards from her father. We also learn that Alice broke into Mary's cabinet and learned all about Luke's anxiety. Batwoman catches up with the criminals trying to use the freeze chamber. We learn that it doesn't stop time however. Nora came out a healthy 34 year old but aged super quickly in three years. The chamber might not work. Batwoman is defeated and is locked in the freeze chamber. Without Victor's formula, the cold will kill her.
  4. Freeze Chamber: Ryan thinks she can get out of the Freeze chamber and tasks Luke to go protect Nora's sister. Nora is taken hostage by Alice and demands the nanobots be taken out of her, but Nora doesn't care. She is tired of people sacrificing themselves for her. Alice lets her go. Luke arrives in time to save Batwoman.
  5. Flirting with Sophie: Batwoman and Batwing are on the tail of the criminals and Nora's sister. Luke accuses Batwoman of flirting with Sophie. Just then a bridge blows out and Batwing flies up to form an ice bridge. The criminals let Nora's sister go and speed off.

In the final wrap up moments, Mary comes clean with Ryan. Luke isn't fit for the Batwing suit yet. Ryan and Sophie share a coffee and discuss Ryan's feelings about her new family. Mary gives Nora and her sister meds and tells them GCPD is off their backs. Mary watches from afar and then is pulled into a bush via a live vine. Catch a preview of next week's all new episode below:

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#2 RE: Freeze RecapSiggi 2021-10-29 01:20
They really must do something about the promo for this show.
Lately, they completely ignore Batwoman and the villains from trailers and promo pictures.
If you only know the promo material, you might think that it would "just" be a family drama.
I don't think that it is wise to promote the show like that.
However, I love the recent episode and will post my review later on in the forum.
#1 RE: Freeze Recapcomic fan 2021-10-28 09:13
Interesting take on Nor Freeze.Different then in other media.

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