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Every time we start one of these recaps we can't help but hear Rachel Maddow's voice in our head. "Welcome back Bat fans, talk to me Gotham". Ryan Wilder has steadily made her place as the new Batwoman a permanent position while patrolling the streets of Gotham. Tonight, she will face a brand new kind of test as Jacob and Sophie require the crime fighting hero to something that is simply against her own nature! Safiyah's control on Alice remains strong and the race to find Kate is at full tilt! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Batwoman meets Jacob Kane: Jacob is in a tough position. He's lost his daughters multiple times but they are both still alive. He needs to get whatever information he can to find Kate before Alice does. Jacob sets a meeting to buy information on where the supposed painting is that has a map to Safiyah. The meeting goes wrong but Batwoman saves Jacob and takes the informant. We cut to Ryan and Mary's place. Ryan and her ex are back together. We learn that she ended up serving time for a crime she didn't commit at the benefit of her ex. Ryan's injury with the Kryptonite is accelerating and she goes to Mary for help but asks her not to tell Luke. Jacob and Sophie aren't making the progress they need to, so Sophie asks to grovel at Batwoman's feet to get access to her prisoner.
  2. Two vs One: Mary and Luke agree that working with the Crows is what's best for Kate. Ryan's hate for the Crows supersedes her willingness to take the deal and she walks off. Luke goes after Ryan and asks her to reconsider after they both share a moment on the balcony. Ryan agrees and Jacob and Sophie begin their interrogation. They are able to learn there is a map on the back of the painting before he kills himself with a poison pill. Sophie has a lead on the painting that might work. Batwoman agrees but doesn't want to work with the Crows. Sophie agrees to allow her to do this mission alone.
  3. Alice and Ocean: So far in the episode, Alice has been seeking Ocean to discover why she remembers him. She goes to get the drop on him at a bar and they have the most normal interaction that we've ever seen from Alice. Nothing jogs her memory so she decides to carry out the murder that Safiyah ordered. Ocean is able to see through the attack and stops Alice. We learn that Ocean is Safiyah's sister. At the art party, we discover that Ryan's old/new girlfriend is there and she is in the criminal community as a drug dealer. While she's clean, she is still selling drugs and this upsets Ryan. After sending images to Luke, the team discovers that they need to restore the painting to see where the island is. This means that Ryan must steal the painting so Luke can restore it. Just as Kate goes to make her move another thief shows up and takes the painting.
  4. Crow Interception: Ryan's Kryptonite wound is too much and is slowing her down. The painting thief is able to get away and Batwoman dispatches the crows to stop him. They use deadly force and hit the thief with their patrol car. He goes down hard and the Crows take the painting and leave the thief. Batwoman catches up in the Batmobile and uncovers the thief to be the very person throwing the art party.
  5. Team Batwoman: Ryan is able to get the art thief to Mary's clinic in time but he's in bad shape. Ryan takes this moment to align the team under her leadership. She is the one out there taking the bullets so she gets to call the shots. Meanwhile Alice and Ocean try to piece together how they know each other. Ocean makes a call to Safiyah to understand why but she sends three assassins to take out Alice and Ocean. The pair are too much for the assassins and are able to escape.

In the final wrap up moments, Batwoman severs her partnership with the Crows. It furthers the race between Batwoman, Alice and The Crows to get to Safiyah first. We find out that the painting was a forgery. and the real one is still out there as well as Kate. Ryan's wound from the Kryptonite is getting worse and she's becoming weaker and weaker. Ocean and Alice share an escape vehicle and Alice remembers them being closer than just friends. It's then revealed that Ocean has the painting!

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#5 RE: Gore on Canvas RecapSiggi 2021-02-23 10:53
Quoting CatPat:
I am a little surprised they dropped the voice modulation to disguise Ryan's voice.

Perhaps they think Ryan doesn't need it (so far?) since she is rather a nobody in comparison to Kate.
I mean from the folks she met as Batwoman so far....only Sophie knows her (if I remember right) and they didn't spend that much time together.
Or she does turn it on and they just didn't show that anymore. I mean Batwoman's 1.0 voice didn't change drastically in season 1.
#4 RE: Gore on Canvas RecapCatPat 2021-02-23 10:03
I am a little surprised they dropped the voice modulation to disguise Ryan's voice.
#3 RE: Gore on Canvas RecapSiggi 2021-02-22 14:03
Two mistakes sneaked into 3)^:
Ocean is her Safiyah's brother ;-) + you mean "Ryan" in the last line....
A really good episode!
My review can be found in the forum as usual.
#2 RE: Gore on Canvas Recapcomic fan 2021-02-21 19:31
Great episode tonight.
#1 RE: Gore on Canvas RecapCatPat 2021-02-21 18:20
I do think this was the best episode of season 2 so far. I still miss Kate, but I am being drawn in to the mystery around her disappearance. I hope Caroline Dries is really going somewhere with it and not just trying to placate Kate Kane fans.

I liked Wolf Spider. Hopefully, he and Mary put their competitive past aside and embrace their potential"bestie-ness". Maybe she and Luke can help design him a better suit. I am interested in his backstory, like where he trained and got those moves.

Where is Julia??? I thought she was upped to series regular.

Alice's backstory with Safiyah and now Ocean is really working and giving Rachel a great showcase.

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