Grinning From Ear to Ear Recap

Batwoman is back after just one week off! These second half of the season interruptions are common and we think we'll have a few more before the first season is over. That said, tonight fans were treated to an all new episode of Batwoman! Batwoman and Luke are on the trail of a villain targeting social media mavens. Sophie gets an unexpected visit from her mother, and Mary offers her expertise to assist Kate. Jacob Kane is approached to make good on a favor, while Alice focuses on her plans for retribution. Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Batwoman's Girlfriend: Both Kate and Sophie are smitten with the new romance they are sharing. Luke however points out that Batwoman can't have a girlfriend. If anyone ever found out that Batwoman cared for someone they would become a target. It's the reason Batman pushed people away. We then jump to Alice who is reading her obituary. She is not pleased with the comments but her priority is to find the killer, Mouse's dad. A lawyer heads to Crows headquarters and threatens Jacob with the favor he had in Jail. Batwoman and Sophie meet and Batwoman tries to break it off but can't, they are interrupted by Sophie's mom arriving.
  2. Social Media Hunter: The masked attacker strikes a social media influencer. Her motives are to slash the faces of other social media influences and make their face look like hers. Kate heads to check up on Mary to make sure she isn't going to be targeted. Mary, knowing that Kate is Batwoman offers to help Kate with her investigation but without revealing she knows Kate is Batwoman. Sophie's mom talks about how she doesn't support Batwoman because of her sexuality. Sophie is devastated that she can't be herself with her mom. Batwoman recruits Sophie to go and interview the plastic surgeon who's clients seem to be targeted. They discover the identity of the attacker after the doctor remembers treating a girl with the same injuries she is inflicting. Batwoman discovers the attacker who has tied up her mother. She cuts her neck to keep Batwoman from following her.
  3. Hunting a Killer: Batwoman has the hit list the attacker is using. The facial recognition software isn't working though because these people all get new and different faces through surgery. Batwoman heads to Mary to get an ID. Both Sophie and Batwoman arrive too late and Batwoman is forced to take Sophie with her to escape the Crows. Alice is at Mary's clinic where she is stealing medical supplies. Alice walks out right in front of Mary but not before hinting that she knows who Batwoman is and thus isn't as trusted by Kate as Kate trusts Alice (Which is bogus). Sophie and Kate catch up to the killer in a make up factory. She is lowering her victim into the acid she uses to make the make up. Batwoman is able to grapple and save her before she falls in.
  4. Sophie and Batwoman Pause Their Relationship: You can't date a masked super hero. If you do you always wear a mask too. That's the conclusion that Batwoman and Sophie come to. They pause their relationship so Sophie can think and figure a few things out. Alice then comes upon the tied-up killer. She offers her revenge against the doctor that restored her face. In order to do it though, she needs something from her, her face. Alice uses the face to walk right into her former capture's office and knocks him out!

In the final wrap up moments, Jacob reaches out to Sophie so she can help him hunt down a traitor in the Crows. Sophie tells her mom she is gay. It does not go well and her mom walks out on her claiming she is disappointed. Mary heads to check up on Kate. She tells Kate that she hopes she'll trust her as much as Mary trusted Kate when she returned to Gotham. Alice, in her lair, confronts her former tormentor. She wants to know where Mouse is and he begins to laugh! He is using Scarecrow's fear toxin to torment Mouse.

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#4 RE: Grinning From Ear to Ear Recapathena69 2020-03-14 19:07
Overall, I liked the episode. I find it really interesting that the writers are creating stories where the villain-of-the-week isn't necessarily the focal point of the story, but rather a catalyst for our main characters to interact. I like this trend.

And I appreciated that they didn't go overboard with the graphic bloody faces. Blech!

I was quite impressed that Sophie actually recognized that she had been lying so much that she didn't even realize she was doing it. Quite a growth moment for her, not to mention the courage it took for her to come to her mom, knowing that her mom would react just as she did.

It was... ironic, in a way, that it was Batwoman who walked away from Sophie this time, given how Kate feels about her. Again, it shows character growth.
#3 RE: Grinning From Ear to Ear RecapSiggi 2020-03-09 15:26
A good episode for sure!
Left my detailed review in the forum ;-)
#2 RE: Grinning From Ear to Ear RecapRomulus 2020-03-08 21:14
@ CatPat:

Good points. Possibilities abound. 8)
#1 RE: Grinning From Ear to Ear RecapCatPat 2020-03-08 18:33
Did you get the feeling Kate knew where Mary was going with her trust talk?

I was wondering if Mouse becomes a version of Scarecrow as a result of the toxin.

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