How Does Your Garden Grow? Gallery

Hot on the heels of tonight's episode and we already have the new gallery for the 6th episode! We're clearly about to dive in to Poison Ivy's world, if the title is any indication, and from the 7 images, it seems like the rift between the Bat team that the previous episode and some synopses have hinted at is getting deeper. We're sure that Alice will probably be helping to twist the knife, enjoying the chaos that will come. We're also intrigued to get to delve more into Ivy's backstory with Renee. Check out the full gallery below:

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#2 RE: How Does Your Garden Grow? GallerySiggi 2021-11-16 05:08
Glad that Batwoman is back in the previews and has hopefully more screentime than in the last two episodes.
Very much looking forward to the episode to hopefully see Poison Ivy for the first time! Also, it will be interesting how the storylines of Marcus and Mary will move forward.
#1 RE: How Does Your Garden Grow? Gallerycomic fan 2021-11-11 06:54
Glad to see Luke back in the Batwing suit.

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