How Does Your Garden Grow Recap

It's the Poison Ivy of it all! We knew that when Batwoman was going to take on new Batman villains, we were going to get different variations of some of Gotham's worst. Even last season we got a messed up version of Bane. To date, we've seen a new Mad Hatter, Killer Croc, Freeze Tech, and some form of Poison Ivy. While all the previous villains have taken on the mantle of their predecessor, Poison Ivy has selected a member of the Bat team. Our very own Mary Hamilton! That doesn't negate that we will see the original Poison Ivy at some point and since we are coming up on the seasonal hiatus, it could be tonight or next week! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Planted Person: Children in Gotham park play until one discovers a man buried into a beehive and Ivy's vines. Montoya arrives and takes charge. She routes the body to Mary's clinic and Alice is happy to head to help as she knows Ivy's touch has infected Mary and she wants to get there before anyone else. Sophie continues to investigate the attack on her sister and Jada's involvement but Ryan waves her off. At the clinic, Alice suspects Mary as the new Poison Ivy. The patient wakes on the table to accuse Mary of his predicament.
  2. Bat Team Meeting: Mary reveals to the team that she thinks she might be the new Poison Ivy. Mary locks herself in the Batcave so that she can't hurt anyone again. Mary goes to Renee to get more info on the Black Glove Society. The Bat team begins to backtrack Mary's actions as Ivy. She was burying people that crossed her.
  3. Poison Mary: Mary's combination as the new Poison Ivy and a doctor has given her a leg up to finding those that Mary believes have done wrong. Renee arrives at Wayne Tower to find out what the team learned about Poison Ivy. Alice spills the beans on Renee and Pamela. Renee suspects Ryan is holding out on her but Ryan holds on long enough for Renee to walk away. Ryan returns to the cave to find out that Alice has given Sophie the location of Virgil. Sophie begins her interrogation and torture session and we learn that CEOs of Gotham with problem children have been hiring BGS to assist in correcting and developing behavior fixes. When Ryan arrives to stop Sophie, Virgil kills himself to keep his secrets. Alice uses her time in the Batcave to sow discontent among the team. Poison Mary is triggered via sunlight and knocks out Luke. Mary sets a trap for Renee with Alice's assistance.
  4. Gotham Botanical Gardens: Renee arrives to the gardens. Ryan finds Luke knocked out. Mary begins her attack on Renee. Before Renee can use her weapon, Mary uses the vines to take Renee out. Luke and Ryan suit up to go stop Mary and bring her back.
  5. Batwing, Batwoman vs Poison Mary: The yellow roses were enough to draw out and confuse Batwoman and Batwing and they were ambushed. Mary confronts Luke and tells him she likes her new powers. She took out the Batwing fail-safe and his father's AI. Batwoman finds her and lets Mary know she's been a bad friend. That said, Mary doesn't care and she makes her escape trapping Batwoman in vines.

In the final wrap up moments, the Bat team returns to the cave to lick their wounds. Ryan's divided attention has segregated Mary from the team and they are paying for it now. Renee finds Sophie at the bar and the two strike up a make up session. Ryan calls in a favor and Alice visits Mary's garden. The pair seem to be working together now. Check out a preview for next week's all new episode below:

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#2 RE: How Does Your Garden Grow RecapSiggi 2021-11-20 02:07
My review will be in the forum in some seconds.
A strong episode where Poison Mary was the main attraction :-)
#1 RE: How Does Your Garden Grow Recapcomic fan 2021-11-17 20:25
Great episode.Like bad Mary.Very curious how this is resolved.Especially with the real Poison Ivy on deck.I think Ryan needs to tell everyone about her brother.


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