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Today, after the great news that all of the Arrowverse, minus Arrow, is renewed for next year, we are getting our first look at Batwoman's first post-Crisis episode! Before Crisis, remember that Alice murdered Mary's mother and framed her father for the crime. There is a lot to unpack just from that but more importantly, Kate made a promise to bring down Alice once and for all. She isn't seeing Alice as a part of Beth anymore. Judging by these eight new images from The CW, it looks like Kate wastes no time in hunting Alice down! Check out the images for yourself below:

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#3 RE: How Queer Everything Is Today Galleryathena69 2020-01-10 21:46
Why is she even talking to Alice and not throttling her?!? Or at least trussing her up and hauling her insane butt to Arkham? Looks like they're in a school, perhaps the one they went to as kids? Knowing Alice, she's probably planted a bomb to keep Batwoman busy so she can escape.

Siggi, in regards to your question, why is she unmasked? Why wouldn't she be? Kate said it herself in episode 3 - the whole point in wearing the suit initially was to terrify Alice, but since Alice knows it's Kate, it's no longer an edge. From a slightly more realistic perspective, it's hard to emote in a mask - eye squints, pursed lips and growls can only get you so far. And well, let's be honest, that red wig... hard to take seriously in broad daylight. Stepping out from behind the fourth wall, they have to GLUE the mask to Ruby's face :o, so I'm guessing any opportunity to be out of it, is probably okay with her.
#2 RE: How Queer Everything Is Today GalleryRomulus 2020-01-07 18:52
Should be a very interesting episode. I'll tune in to be sure. 8)
#1 RE: How Queer Everything Is Today GallerySiggi 2020-01-07 15:15
Why does she still unmasks in front of Alice?
Does she still has hope for her after what happened in episode 8?
Or was she forced to unmask?
Is Alice maybe blackmailing her?
Looking forward on what will happen....

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