How Queer Everything Is Today Recap

Batwoman is back! It's only been five days since Crisis ended and the Paragon of Courage is back in Gotham once again! The Earth may have changed quite a bit, but one thing that didn't change is Kate's sister Alice and her quest to bring down her family. Based on the synopsis, Kate's identity as Batwoman was once again at risk and of course Alice was behind it! Mary also just lost her mother and Jacob is in jail! There is a lot to cover now that the unverse is safe, here's what stood out to us!

  1. This Train's Got No Brakes: The death of Oliver Queen is still on everyone's mind. The city, along with the world is morning him. Additionally, someone has hacked into Gotham's subway. A train is set on a collision course with a wall. Batwoman raced to catch up with the train and uses a gadget on her bike to bring the train to a hault. When the cable holding the train snaps, a cop jumps to save Batwoman from the recoil. Everyone around takes a photo and Gotham starts "shipping" Batwoman and the cop together.
  2. Gotham's Been Hacked: The train was just a ploy to show that a new hacker in town can do what he says he can do. He takes the whole city under ransom. He claims that the whole city needs to fund his escape from Gotham. "Donate to my fund account and all your secrets will remain safe".
  3. Keeping the Cave in the Dark: Luke is concerned about the cave. If the hacker can get into Gotham, she might be able to get into the cave. He shuts down the cave's connections, but just before does a trace on the hacker. It leads to a location where Sophie is already at beating down a group of hackers. Turns out they aren't the real hackers but Sophie and Batwoman share a moment outside where we learn Sophie is separated from her husband.
  4. The Real Hacker: Luke does an offline analysis of the voice of the hacker. Kate hears something in the background and realizes that it is coming from a student at Gotham Prep. Batwoman drops in on a school dance and sets off a device that allows her to see the phone that is doing the hacking. Turns out it's a high school girl, Parker Torres. She hacked the train while she was on it to make her parents happy she was alive. She had recently been outted to her parents who didn't take the news well.
  5. Bomb of a Dance: As Parker is leaving the dance, Alice shows up to kidnap her. She needs her to out Kate as Batwoman so that Kate can just be Kate and join her in her twisted family. Alice, Batwoman and Parker are in the school's hardware shop and Alice demands that Kate unmask herself. Obviously she does and Parker is shocked to see who Batwoman is. Parker then hacks the phones of Gotham alerting the police to the threat and keeping Batwoman's identity safe. Batwoman cuffs Alice but Mouse had the detonator and the school gym is lost but no one is injured.
  6. Batwoman is a Lesbian: Kate notes that she is looked up to as a hero in Gotham, but the city believes her to be straight. Kate uses her good friend, Kara Danvers aka Supergirl, to write an exclusive in Catco magazine about Batwoman as a Lesbian. Additionally, Kate talks to the mayor and gets a non-life-ruining sentence for Parker. Parker agrees to keep her identity safe and we see how inspired she is when she reads the Catco magazine. Alice is captured and in Sophie's custody and things are starting to look up.

But it doesn't look like we are done with all The Crisis surprises yet! Kate returns to her office where she is surprised to see Alice but with dark hair. After peeling at her face and threatening her to reveal who she really is, all she can say is, "Beth"!

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#3 RE: How Queer Everything Is Today RecapBatButchDallas 2020-01-23 13:07
So much ground to cover here. I'll go by the numbers:

1. the train was a little over the top, but I get it that they used it as a way to float the 'ship' with the cop. The hacking wasn't difficult to believe, just the stopping of the train.

2. We all know cyber ransom is real, again not hard to believe, and when kids are afraid, we all know they may not make the best life choices.

3. The whole Sophie/Kate ship is kind of weak at the moment. I didn't buy 'vicious' Sophie at all. They need to back off and let Kate get used to being a batling first. Kate's not suddenly going to become straight, she's used to her interactions with women, but her interactions with her bat-tech, have had some super funny moments.

4/5. Now this, the Parker story, and Batwoman's influence on young people is significant. Kate recognizes on the dance floor 'uh oh, they're watching me'. That moment as a young adult when you realize your next move matters to someone who might be looking up to you. For Parker, that pain of having her world flip over, without her consent, she feels defenseless. She sees Batwoman, sees her stand up for her at great risk to herself, one of her own kind, who can fight back, and all of a sudden her world rights itself.

6. I can't wait to see the article, and I sooo want to see scenes between Kate and Kara of the interview. I find it hilarious that they also mention on the cover that Lena is spotted in Gotham at the same time. The baiting never ends.

The end where Parker is talking to Kate was entertaining, you could almost see the wheels turning in Parker's head, and Kate has no idea what's coming. LOL The comedy potential here is huge. I hope the writers see that.
#2 RE: How Queer Everything Is Today RecapSiggi 2020-01-21 01:06
A good episode with some issues in the key scene. A lot more for you to read in my post at the forum ;-)
#1 RE: How Queer Everything Is Today RecapRomulus 2020-01-19 19:16
A very interesting episode indeed! It covered a lot of ground and managed to keep the story on an even keel. Looking very forward to seeing how things play out as the season progresses. ;-)

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