How Queer Everything Is Today Trailer

Kate Kane really made a name for herself in Crisis on Infinite Earths! She even earned herself a seat at the coveted Justice League table! But now that the Earth is whole again, despite being a little different, it's back to Gotham for our Caped Crusader! With all the success the paragon of Courage has accomplished, we are a little worried to see her questioning herself and her efforts as Batwoman. That does seem to be the case however in this brand new trailer for Sunday's all new episode:

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#3 RE: How Queer Everything Is Today TrailerSiggi 2020-01-15 21:55
Quoting JD_Cunegan:

Kate asking if she's a fraud bugs me.

As I read the other day that may not concern her heroine status. It appears that Batwoman might reveal to Gotham that she is into girls.
Don't know why that would be important to the city though. Or why she think she is a fraud by not telling them. But we will know soon!
This trailer brings SO many questions! I'm really thrilled what will actually happen!!! Seems like the crossover opened the doors to the supernatural for Batwoman as well.... Which would fit to the comics. And after all is just logical...after the events in the crossover. ;-)
Also I do love how Alice tries to force Batwoman to unmask! Does she wants that on video to blackmail her? If you see the pictures that were released.....
Also wondering what kind of device that is that Batwoman holds.
How will Luke make Batwoman secret identity safer?
What role will Nocturna play? What is she up to?
And that are only some of the questions I have right now! ;-)
#2 RE: How Queer Everything Is Today TrailerRomulus 2020-01-15 18:47
Hooray! It'll be good to see Batwoman back on again (after a sort-of hiatus). Looking forward to the upcoming episodes. ;-)
#1 Um...JD_Cunegan 2020-01-15 18:08

Kate asking if she's a fraud bugs me. Like... she was *just literally* THE PARAGON OF COURAGE. She had a hand in saving the Multiverse. Supergirl not only vouches for her, but they're pretty clearly friends (I mean, did you see how giddy Supergirl got when Batwoman showed up while they were battling that... blue.. .bear thing...?). The end of the crossover was too light on Kate for my liking, but the crossover as a whole propped up her character pretty damn hard, so to see Kate asking if she's a fraud in the first episode post-crossover strikes me as odd.

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