I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury Recap

Another villain made their debut tonight on Batwoman! The Executioner came to Gotham forcing Batwoman to take on the case! After last week, it became clear that Alice is Beth! Tonight we saw the aftermath. How did the realization affect Jacob, Kate or even Catherine! Alice also had a big win last week that continued again this week! Alice was reunited with Mouse, her capture's son and someone she calls a brother! How did Batwoman get the drop on The Executioner, did Sophie discover who was under the cape and cowl? Here's what stood out to us!

  1. Murder Via Electrocution: The Executioner makes a big debut first thing in the episode! The villain cuts down an electricity pole and spreads water all over the parking lot. This catches his target, a Lawyer for Gotham City, at the right time killing him.
  2. Gotham Trusts the Bat: When the Executioner makes his debut, Gotham turns on the Bat Signal instead of contacting the Crows. The Executioner is setting up traps to take out his enemies. He lures the cops to a warehouse where he has actually set up a firing squad type trap. Batwoman, Sophie and the Crows all arrive but Batwoman is too late to stop the trap from going off. A crow is killed but Sophie is hit too! Batwoman takes Sophie to Mary to get care and to keep Sophie from telling Jacob who she is.
  3. Mouse Steals a Face: Alice has asked that Mouse put on the face of a Hamilton Employee to steal the weapon Catherine made. He is able to get into the facility fairly easily and after being caught by the employees he is still able to talk his way out of being identified. The weapon is a new rail gun, the same kind of weapon that can get through the Bat suit.
  4. Executioner Identified: The Executioner turns out to be the executioner at Gotham State Prison. He killed prisoners for decades. After a while, he started to discover a pattern of corruption. Because he feels that he was made an accessory to these sentences, he is now targeting the cop, lawyer and judge that he feels were corrupt.
  5. Batwoman vs Executioner: Batwoman is able to identify the Judge that the Executioner was after. She arrives in time to catch him burning evidence. The Judge makes a run for it but the Executioner is there. Batwoman and The Executioner fight and he actually gets the upper hand. Just then, Jacob shows up and shoots him dead. The death, however, triggers a gas chamber lock down. Jacob and Batwoman went from having a stand off to having to survive together. The gas is flammable and if Jacob and Batwoman can survive to 6% saturation, she can ignite the gas and save both of their lives. Jacob confesses that he has to hate the Bat symbol because if he doesn't, then he has to blame himself!

Final wrap up moments. Sophie escapes Mary's place and heads out with the intention of telling Jacob that Kate is Batwoman. Mary tries to talk her down. Kate heads to Crows headquarters where she decides to finally forgive her father not finding Beth. The two reconcile and vow to work together this time and never give up on Beth. Alice and Mouse also get back on good terms and speak about their master plan kind of cryptically. One thing is for sure though, Alice has means to kill Kate even in the Batsuit if she needs to!

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#2 RE: I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury RecapSiggi 2019-11-11 12:20
Wow, what a difference to last week, a real Batwoman....Batwoman episode ;-)
My review shall be up in the next hours in the forum ;-)
#1 RE: I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury RecapRomulus 2019-11-10 20:04
This was good episode. It kept the pace and the drama manageable and moved the arc along nicely.

Yes, Alice and Mouse are a sick duo but that's what makes them so intriguing. The Kate and Batowoman juxtaposition is proving to be appealing viewing. Quite a balancing act. Well handled thus far.

This episode delivered like in previous ones and has added new elements of depth and nuance to the story. 8)

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