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After a week without Batwoman, it's exciting to see 14 new images for the next episode. For those who need a refresher, Ryan's Kryptonite wound is getting worse, and she's contemplating the "No Killing" code in order to exact revenge on Alice for what she did to her mother. Meanwhile, it looks like Alice will be going on a little trip down memory lane, back to her last stay at Coryana, including unveiling some history between her and Ocean. It's definitely exciting and curious, check out the gallery below:

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#1 RE: It's Best You Stop Digging GallerySiggi 2021-03-09 01:05
Very much looking forward to this one! Especially for Batwoman's desperate attempt to kill Alice.
We all know that won't happen and she then has to live with the possible consequences of her action, even it does make a lot of sense from her perspective (check the trailer if you don't know what I mean, won't spoiler it here too much).
By the way: The pictures here with Batwoman look like they were way darker as they should be ...or are in the actual episode. If I load such a picture in my picture software and adjust the brightness automatically it looks way better.
The Batwoman promo pictures here look like they used some sort of dark filter on it as they maybe think that fits better with Batwoman?


With automatically adjusted brightness:

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