It's Best You Stop Digging Recap

Welcome back Batfans! We had a week off last week so we are so excited to come back to Gotham with our favorite crime fighter! Ryan's wound from the Kryptonite is slow but it continues to develop and is bringing Ryan down. Not even the Batsuit can seem to keep her going. The three-way race between Jacob and Sophie, Alice and Ocean, and Team Batwoman is heating up. Safiyah holds Kate Kane's fate in her hands and if Jacob and Sophie or Team Batwoman don't get to her soon, Alice may end up getting to Kate first and finishing her quest to kill her sister. Did anyone make it to Coryana? Did Ryan heal from her wound finally? Here's what stood out to us:

  1. History Lesson: Alice calls Tatiana to view Ocean's body. She captures Tatiana to make her give the back story on why she and Ocean were an item. Safiyah has a problem with Catherine Hamilton because she didn't deliver an island defense tool. She captures the Hamilton Yacht but Alice was living on it getting ready to kill Catherine. Safiyah took pity on her and trained her to be a loyal soldier and to exact her revenge on Catherine. Ocean is put in charge of her training and a romance blossoms. Meanwhile the Kryptonite poisoning is headed to Ryan's brain. She steals the Batmobile and jets off.
  2. Batwoman Out of Her Mind: Ryan's brain is breaking down and she isn't thinking clearly. She is operating on instinct and memory. She is heading to her ex-girlfriend's place to have her tell her where Ocean is. Her ex is already with another woman and not knowing Ryan is Batwoman, she makes quick work of Batwoman kicking her out of a window.
  3. Securing Batwoman: With Batwoman knocked out Mary and Luke go to secure her. Mary is able to sedate Ryan and tasks Luke with getting supplies for her. Alice presses Tatiana for more info and she learns that Safiyah was in love with Alice and she shared her secret about the Desert Rose with her. Back in Gotham, the Crows storm the medical facility that was running experiments on patients. The Board is all found dead having been forced to take a blood transfusion.
  4. Ocean's Plan: Ocean has been tempted by the stories Alice told of the outside world. He wants money and to travel. He steals Desert Rose to take to the mainland and plant. He share's his plan with Alice and the two seem to agree on the plan but Tatiana sees them in the flashback. It's likely that Tatiana told Safiyah. Back in Gotham, Ryan is hell bent on killing Alice with her dying breath since she isn't getting better and they can't get the cure.
  5. Enigma: Safiyah stops Ocean and Alice from escaping and having a life together. One where Alice might have been able to forgive Kate and her father. She calls upon Enigma to hypnotize Alice removing her memories of Ocean and re-focusing her to become the version of Alice that she is today. One solely focused on vengeance. Meanwhile, the no-so-functioning Batwoman makes several mistakes to take on Alice in her current state. She then reveals her identity to Alice who promptly tells her that she has no idea who she is or that she killed her mother, she is that insignificant.

In the final wrap up moments, Ryan does everything to make Alice feel the weight of losing her mother but Alice simply doesn't care. Ryan recieves a vision of her mom telling her she isn't the girl she raised and that she shouldn't kill. Ryan let's Alice go. Jacob torments himself in his office suffering the possibility of hope for finding Kate but not being able make any advancement. Alice and Tatina are off to Coryana and Ryan puts a tracker on Alice. The team will be able to find Coryana and get Ryan the cure.

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#3 RE: It's Best You Stop Digging RecapSiggi 2021-03-15 17:17
Quoting CatPat:

I just don't see Ryan as Batwoman. The character tone just isn't Batwoman for me. I think despite her back ground and tragedies, she is more of a character of light as opposed to a dark knight type. Batwoman is the wrong alter ego for Ryan.

Give her time. She will behave differently once she got rid of that Kryptonite which affects all her action quite a lot, especially lately. And at the beginning of the season, she wasn't her own Batwoman with that old costume.
I'm very curious to see how she is doing after she is cured.

I posted my review in the forum, for those who have some time ;-)
It got rather long again.
#2 RE: It's Best You Stop Digging Recapcomic fan 2021-03-14 19:12
After tonight's episode,it feels like we're moving to a climax.If this was like a normal season,we would be heading into the midseason finale and the crossover.I wonder if after the next episode or two,we are going to be moving away from the Safiyah/Coryana plotline and into the Black Mask storyline.
#1 RE: It's Best You Stop Digging RecapCatPat 2021-03-14 18:54
I thought they were heading towards Safiyah having more to do with how Alice became Alice. I am liking this part of the story. I can see this arc ending and putting Alice on a path of redemption or a quasi-version of redemption. Possibly by curing Ryan with the desert rose.. I think we may eventually get Red Alice.

I just don't see Ryan as Batwoman. The character tone just isn't Batwoman for me. I think despite her back ground and tragedies, she is more of a character of light as opposed to a dark knight type. Batwoman is the wrong alter ego for Ryan.

Still no Julia Pennyworth. Such a shame.

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