Kate is Current Head of Wayne Enterprises

Our countdown clock has never looked so good! Mere days away from the three night crossover event and we are now learning through Entertainment Weekly, that Kate is actually the current head of Wayne Enterprises in the crossover (since Batman has been missing for three years). Even more fun is that Kate and Kara will take the opposite route of Batman v Superman (thank goodness) and form a fast friendship. Both Melissa Benoist and Ruby Rose sat down to talk about their characters' interactions in the upcoming crossover. Melissa Benoist [Supergirl] had this to say:

We shot a scene in Wayne Enterprises together, and it was just the two of us, just these two women breaking the ice with each other. It’s rare that I get scenes like that. I have scenes like that with Grant and Stephen all the time, but I was very excited to do that with another strong female. I’ve not really gotten to have scenes like this with other female characters [like] Sara Lance [Caity Lotz] or Black Canary [Juliana Harkavy]. In the way that Barry and Kara are so light and such good friends, I think Kate and Kara have a lot more in common and can really understand each other.

Ruby Rose went on to add:

It was nice because when Kara met Kate, it was in Kate’s space, and it was fun because there’s this power dynamic. You got someone like Kara, who is just so sweet and nice, and I think [with] Kate, who is not one to trust people and doesn’t really have a lot of time for what’s happening right now, you see it’s impossible not to be charmed by Kara. You see the warmth in what I think would be a budding friendship. But it’s also really fun making Melissa/Kara uncomfortable.

Caroline Dries, Executive producer of Batwoman (should it get a series order) fought to get a scene where we could see Kate and Kara interact. She even has gone on record saying that it is one of her favorite scenes in the crossover!

Let us know what you think of these two becoming fast friends in the comments below and in the forum!

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