Leah Gibson & Nathan Owens Take S2 Recurring Roles

After yesterday's big Arrowverse news, (Supergirl is ending after this sixth season), we are getting some news out of Gotham, er, actually. According to their exclusive, two new recurring characters are joining up for season 2. The first is an assassin that works for Safiyah. She will be played by Leah Gibson. The character is named "The Whisper" and is described as:

A skilled assassin, unflappable and cold as ice in the face of danger. She is one of Safiyah’s most important henchwomen and still harbors feelings for her powerful boss.

Next up is Nathan Owens who is taking on the role of a character named Ocean. He is described as:

A zen gardner and thinker with a complicated past. A loyal soldier and fighter, Ocean moves to Gotham looking for a new beginning.

We are expecting big things from Safiyah this season so it's no surprise her right hand assassin would make an appearance. As for Ocean... what are your thoughts?

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#1 RE: Leah Gibson & Nathan Owens Take S2 Recurring RolesSiggi 2020-09-24 01:43
Glad that some news are finally rolling in!
Well, I have seen Jessica Jones but I don't remember Leah Gibsons role.
She certainly looks like she could be a fine henchwoman!

I thought that I would know Nathan Owens from Black Lightning but I actually confused him with Jordan Calloway.
His role description is...well....quite bizarre....for my taste:
A former soldier who is now a Zen gardner(!) named Ocean???
Sounds like he really was traumatised a LOT in his former career. ;-)

Looking forward to know more about their roles!

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