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Welcome back Batwoman fans! Tonight we saw the debut of Batwoman's version of Killer Croc! The mask/costume didn't disappoint and the Killer Croc was absolutely terrifying! Now before we hop into the episode and recap, Batwoman was in the news today as our previous lead, Ruby Rose, made some major allegations about the show. does not work for The CW or Warner Brothers and we have no connection to the show in any way that would warrant a comment from us. For the fans of the show, we will remain here covering the adventures of Ryan Wilder and should more come from today's allegations, we will assess accordingly. Now, here's what stood out to us!

  1. Blood in the Water: A couple sneak into a pool for some late night fun but Killer Croc is there and ends up eating them! Alice is released via Renee's orders. Renee even goes further and makes Ryan responsible for Alice's actions in the wild. If she fails, Renee will blow this whistle on the bat. We find out the Croc transformation is a disease and the original was killed by the GCPD. One of his teeth survived and infected another. Sophie joins the team in Wayne Tower where she reveals the incoming Jada Jet is actually Ryan's birth mother! Kate made Ryan acting chair of Wayne Enterprises.
  2. CEO Battle: Jada is at Wayne Enterprises to ask why someone at Wayne Enterprises did a sophisticated hack on Jet. Ryan is able to keep her cool and Jada ends up leaving with just a warning for Ryan. Luke and Mary run diagnostics on the Batwing suit. It just shuts down when there is a major medical need. Alice and Ryan are able to decipher Crocs hunting grounds. Out in the forest, Killer Croc strikes again.
  3. Batwoman and Alice: The pair hunt for Killer Croc in the forest. They track him to a sewer hatch where he has a girl he's kidnapped for food. Alice and Ryan discover that there is someone protecting the Croc. He is the son of someone in Gotham. Mary gives Luke an exam to determine if he's healthy enough to wear the suit. Mary and Luke share a little bit of an attraction as well. Luke's idea to fix the suit is to disable the fail safe. He thinks it might be his dad being overprotective. We find out that the new Killer Croc is a college boy named Steven. He was infected by the tooth on accident and his cravings are uncontrollable. He is too strong to be caged.
  4. Dad Issues: The dad is standing up for his son and holding Alice at gunpoint and Batwoman in water via taser. Killer Croc arrives and takes out the dad not knowing the relationship anymore. Alice uses the taser to get the monitor off and escapes. But Alice hears the girl's voice and she doubles back for her. Instead of saving the girl, Alice imparts her wisdom that no one will come for her. She'll have to save herself. Alice takes off leaving the girl.
  5. Croc vs Batwoman/Alice vs Batwing: Batwoman hunts down Croc and Batwing arrives to stop Alice. Batwing is pretty powerful and Alice isn't much of a match for him. He injects her with nano tracking devices so they will know where she is always. Batwoman takes out Croc and saves the girl who was trying to escape.

In the final wrap up moments, the little girl is reunited with her mother. Renee arrives to call it quits on Batwoman but Ryan has her in custody already. Alice's attempt to escape gets her put back in jail. Sophie encourages Ryan to meet her mom. Mary tells Luke the suit's error is coming from his psychological pain. Ryan goes to confront her mother. Check out a preview for next week's all new episode below:

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#3 RE: Loose Tooth RecapSiggi 2021-10-22 07:27
My long review can now be found in the forum
#2 RE: Loose Tooth RecapSiggi 2021-10-21 14:02
Yeah, Killer Croc was a nice villain for this episode, even his father was more of a problem for Batwoman ;-)
The scene with Mary and Luke was so great, and quite heated! Some major vibes back between these two.
Was surprised that Alice left that kid to die there after her good self was looking after her at first. But the crazy side won once more.
Will write more on my long review tomorrow.

P.S.: They need to adjust the trailer for the next episode. You can't bring on a promo trailer that shows only Mother/Daughter drama + Alice playing mind games with Mary. That could be in any drama show.
At least for some seconds Batwoman and a villain need to be in the trailer!
#1 RE: Loose Tooth Recapcomic fan 2021-10-20 19:20
With all the drama today,it was nice to actually just watch a new episode.I really liked this version of Killer Croc.Much more than the DCEU version.This version was scary.All the character stuff in this episode was great too.

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