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Welcome back Batwoman fans! Because of the pandemic, scheduling changes, and fast turn-arounds, it feels like we were just here! Season two ended not that long ago and because the cast and crew took an abbreviated vacation, we are back at it! Of course, we want to call out Armageddon coming next month on The Flash which will feature our very own Batwoman, so don't miss that! But now, season three begins! Ryan starts her sophomore year as the caped crusader and Batman's villains feel reborn now that their trophies are out in the wild! Of course we have our own villain at Batwoman's disposal, Alice, and the newly suited up Batwing! So much to look forward to, here's what stood out to us:

  1. The Hat: Some children wander the riverfront of Gotham and discover the Mad Hatter Hat. They sell it online and the person who bought it is a devout Alice fan! We join Batwoman and Batwing breaking up a drug ring. Sophie is hurting from Kate's departure and is sleeping her way across Gotham. Alice is getting mail from her dad. The drug ring bust turns out to be attached to Poison Ivy's fast growing vine. Batwoman and Batwing are working to find the trophies. Mary goes to visit Alice in prison. The new Mad Hatter broadcasts his story and his wants for Alice's freedom. When he is approached by two bullies, he finds out that the hat has compulsive powers that force people who hear him to do whatever he says!
  2. Renee Montoya: Detective Montoya is on the scene where the bully was forced to kill his friend. Luke is on the case and brings the team up to speed on the original Mad Hatter. They know how to block the frequency that the hat puts out. They don't know where he will go next though. Ryan goes to speak with Alicel She wants a lead on where the boy might be but Alice keeps toying with Ryan about her birth mother. Alice won't give up the "tea-party" the Hatter is planning. Mary, Sophie and Ryan gather to celebrate Mary's graduation. The Hatter is revealed to be targeting the graduation ceremony and he uses the hat to make the security guards his henchmen.
  3. Hacker Sophie: Sophie is doing a favor for Ryan and is trying to find out if her mother really is alive. Montoya continues to hunt down the copy-cat Hatter. Sophie tells Ryan that her birth mother is alive! The doctor that delivered her was paid $2 million to cover up Ryan's birth and her mother's death. Mary is ready to give her speech but she is met with the Mad Hatter and her speech is taken over by him. Mary gives a pro-Alice speech. Team Batwoman puts in ear blockers. The Mad Hatter joins Mary on stage where he will force her to perform surgury on the chair of the department in front of everyone. Only getting Alice in front of him will get the Hatter to undo his brain control.
  4. Alice to the Rescue: Batwoman goes to break out Alice. She thinks that it's her father coming for her so she doesn't want to go with Ryan. Batwing heads to the roof to disrupt the signal the hat puts out. Batwoman takes out all of the guards in Arkham but Alice locks herself in her cell. It's revealed that Alice hasn't been writing with her father. They are all visions. Batwoman, low on time, can't wait for Alice to gently come to the truth, she forces the issue and Alice agrees to the jailbreak with the deal that Batwoman won't chase her when she runs. On stage, Mary is still compelled to do the surgery. Sophie suggests that instead of continuing to remove organs, she should kill Dr. Hall via shock paddles, breaking the mind control. Once free, she can work to bring him back.
  5. Choaking the Room: The Hatter's command is to strangle everyone in the crowd to death. Batwoman and Batwing take on The Hatter's henchmen when Alice approaches the Hatter. She tells the Hatter to release the doctors. With his hero's admiration, Alice gives the Hatter a hug. She hugs him and then stabs him in the back.

In the final wrap up moments, Alice makes her run but Batwoman and Batwing recapture Alice. Back at Ryan's place, the team hears the real speech Mary was going to give. Luke leaves early to go work on his suit, but it's clearly his anxiety. Sophie and Ryan go to discuss her real mother. What Alice said about Ryan's family being crazier than hers may have gotten to her, but instead, Ryan gives Sophie the identity letter back. Sophie's search however, has triggered her real mom's interest. Luke discovers an AI that has his father in his suit. Renee calls Batwoman to the GCPD where Alice has struck a deal with Renee. Alice gave up Batwoman's identity to Renee to force her cooperation. Check out the trailer for next week's all new episode of Batwoman below!

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#2 RE: Mad As A Hatter RecapSiggi 2021-10-15 06:48
My favorite first episode of the 3 seasons so far. :-)
My MUCH more detailed review can be found in the forum...
#1 RE: Mad As A Hatter Recapcomic fan 2021-10-13 19:31
Some great setup for the season tonight.It's weird,I found myself more sympathetic to Alice all episode and actually like the deal she pulled on Batwoman with Renee.

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