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The new gallery is out and the five images provided leave a lot of questions and makes us wonder what will happen. We know from the trailer that Mary and Pamela will be meeting up, but it seems that we'll also be having a meeting between Pamela and Renee. It'll be interesting to see what the two will talk about and what Renee will say as it was her kiss that awakened Ivy. The other images focus more on the Bat team, where Sophie and Ryan are gearing up to find Pamela. Check out the gallery below:

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#1 RE: Meet Your Maker GallerySiggi 2022-01-18 04:55
Looking forward to seeing Poison Ivy in the present!
Also wondering why Batwoman doesn't wear her cowl in 2 pictures.
Especially the one with Sophie and the shotgun....that doesn't look like a safe place to take the mask off.... as normally Batwoman is only seen without her mask in the Batcave.

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