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Poison is in the air, er, on the ground now. Renee has betrayed team Batwoman in order to get to her long lost love Pamala Isley. The guilt of being responsible for drying out Pamala in the first place was too much and drove Renee to betray her badge in order to get Pamala back. But the original Poison Ivy isn't the only threat going around Gotham. Poison Mary is also on the loose and with her newest commitment to being bad and giving away Batwoman's identity, Alice and Mary are a force to be reckoned with. As tonight's episode's title suggests, Poison Mary and Poison Ivy are likely to meet and who knows what could happen! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Pamala Isley: The original Poison Ivy is back and is already killing again. She kills two fishermen not adhering to the catch and release policy. John Diggle is in town and knows Jada Jet as an old friend. Ryan is ignoring Sophie as she now blames Sophie's one time hook up with Renee as a betrayal. Poison Ivy and Renee are in the forest and they are going to have to hunt her on her home turf!
  2. John Diggle: With Diggle in town, he’s got a beat on where the Joker’s buzzer might be. While he didn’t accept Jada’s offer, he was in Gotham on “other business”. Renee tells Pamala of a possible way to reach out to Mary and she meditates on it. Alice and Mary are planning a vacation together when Mary feels the call from Pamela. Alice is generally concerned that she’ll lose Mary to Pamela. Ryan, Sophie and Luke head into the woods and are immediately attacked by vine monsters.
  3. A Hero in Doubt: Luke blames himself for the entire predicament. Sophie and Ryan are quick to point out each other’s failures to boost him back up. Renee begs for Pamela to not go back to her old ways but she uses her powers to keep Renee in one spot while she seeks out to kill Batwoman. Alice and Mary start down the road but Mary can’t move in any direction except toward Pamela. Alice warns about the original Poison Ivy but agrees to go with Mary. Ryan and Sophie get close to hashing it out but a vine comes from the chimney and takes Sophie!
  4. Ivy Attack: Luke is able to save Sophie with a gas blast that recalled the ivy vine. The team realizes that Ivy can hear them when they are in the Forrest and the argument they had earlier has led her to them. Mary and Alice have a heart to heart but Alice is insistent on protecting Mary. Mary uses her powers to get Alice to stay in the car and fall asleep. Ryan volunteers to go get more ammo and Jada and Diggle find the buzzer in Renee’s office. As Mary is close to getting to the original Poison Ivy, she is stopped somehow by Renee.
  5. Hunters in the Mix: Hunters come across Mary in the Forrest and remove the toxin in her. She wakes up and vines the dad away. Mary resumes her mission to get to Pamela. Batwoman gets the salt but vines come and attack as the little kid from the hunters cries out for help. Batwoman retreats into the truck and asks Sophie to blow it up with her in it. She complies and the suit protects Ryan as Luke rushes to save the kid proving he is a hero.

In the final wrap up moments, Luke comforts the kid he saved. Sophie and Ryan share a kiss opening the door to their romance. Luke visits his father's grave to let him know he's ready to be Batwing and wear the suit. John Diggle was there too. He had a trans-matter cube and he asked if Argus or team Batwoman could open it. Does this hold the Green Lantern ring? Alice awakes and sees that Mary actually killed the hunter, maybe by accident. Renee and Pamela catch up to each other. Renee has a tolerance to her mind control. She steps aside when Mary arrives however and Pamela kisses Mary on the forehead. Does this de-power Mary? Check out a trailer for next week's all new episode below:

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#1 RE: Meet Your Maker RecapSiggi 2022-01-21 05:19
A good episode with some highlights!
(and too little Batwoman once again)

More in the long review on the forum.

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