New Character Renee Montoya Cast for Season 3

Things are popping for season three Batwoman with another new character added! In an exclusive from Deadline, Victoria Cartagena has been announced as a new series regular playing Renee Montoya. Some of you may remember her playing this same character on FOX's Gotham series, however the universes are not connected. Her character is described as:

Cartagena’s Montoya is a former GCPD officer who left the force when she could no longer stomach the corruption inside the department. She now runs the “freaks division,” which hasn’t seen a lot of action… until now. Righteous and pragmatic, and LGBTQ+, she’s a woman with a very personal (and mysterious) mission to help clean the streets of Gotham in the right way, by whatever means necessary.

This will be an interesting addition as her background sounds somewhat similar to Sophie's. Will there be a connection?

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#2 RE: New Character Renee Montoya Cast for Season 3Siggi 2021-07-20 15:08
Her name has a nice sound (actress).
I watched Gotham back then but can't really remember much of her as it was 6 years ago and she was only in one season.
Looking forward to seeing her play the role again!
Will be interesting how her relationship with Batwoman/Ryan will develop ;-)
#1 RE: New Character Renee Montoya Cast for Season 3comic fan 2021-07-20 14:55
I liked her on Gotham.I don't know why the character was dropped there.Curious to see if she plays her different here.

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