New Poster and SDCC Swag Bag Revealed

Batwoman is going to take San Diego Comic Con by storm! There are two ways to see the pilot ahead of time, the streets are filled with Batwoman banners, Batwoman has the first big panel on Ballroom 20 on Saturday and now Batwoman is being featured on a swag bag for all attendees to get (if you are lucky and or you can trade for it). That's not all, the CW has released a new poster featuring Ruby Rose and the Bat Signal in a very minimalist and impactful way. The CW calls this "A Beacon of Change". Check out both the bag and the poster below:

0085 bag

0085 poster

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#1 RE: New Poster and SDCC Swag Bag RevealedRomulus 2019-07-15 20:16
I'm likin' it a lot! Hope it proves to be a sweet success. 8)

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