Off With Her Head Recap

One of the best things we think that Batwoman is doing is really showing the horrors and torment that Beth went through to become Alice. It takes a lot to turn a sibling that you know and love and turn them into the villain that Alice is. Tonight's all new episode continued to show us a bit of the history that Beth experienced. On top of that, we had Mouse and Alice in a very rough position with the fear toxin. Just what the outcome will be from this? Let's find out together, here's our recap:

  1. Cartwright Delivered: Alice has left a knocked out and messed up Cartwright at the steps of the Batwoman signal. Kate brings him down and takes him to her bar where she invites her father to visit him. She tempers his reaction by offering her dad a drink and makes him promise not to kill Cartwright. We then jump to Alice who has found Mouse and released him from his fear toxin prison. We learn that the house they are in is "The Queen's House". This turns out to be Cartwright's mother. At this stage in time, Beth has fully committed to her Alice persona.
  2. A Mouse Turned: After sitting in the fear toxin chair for a long while, Mouse is freed by Alice but he turns on her. All that fear toxin made him believe that Alice was what he feared most. He attacked her and put her into the chair and started filling her with the fear toxin.
  3. A Lead on a Killer: At Mary's clinic, Luke meets up with Mary who has been seeking a lead on Beth's killer. Mad Dog, a local man who needed help from Mary, gives a lead that Mary takes Luke to. They head off to the junk yard. We cut to Cartwright who is leveraging his freedom over giving the location of where Alice is being tortured. If she doesn't get an adrenaline shot soon, whatever the toxin's effect will become permanent. In the flashbacks, we see how Mommy Dearest would beat and torment the girl. The old lady wanted to abuse her because Alice reminded her of who she was. Cartwright claims it was her who made Alice the monster. In order to get his final revenge, Cartwright slashes his own neck as not to give up Alice's location.
  4. Fear Toxin Accelerates: Luke and Mary find the gun that killed Beth in the trunk of a car that the lead at the clinic gave. Just then, Mary gets a call from Batwoman and she counsels her on how to close Cartwright's neck. He is saved rather ... unorthodox-like.  We then check in on Alice who is continuing to lose her mind. This insight into her mind shows us her fears of Mommy Dearest, of being abandoned and not being enough for her family to find her. Kate cuts a deal with Cartwright for the location and she sends her dad to check out if the lead is true. Jacob arrives in time to stop Alice from killing herself. For the first time in her life, Alice is saved and found by her father.
  5. Mommy Dearest: The torturous truth comes out. Mommy Dearest, Cartwright's mother wanted Alice and Beth's mother's face. He kept her head in a refrigerator. When Alice finally learned the truth to the head and the earrings, she sets the old woman on fire and her death is hailed as an accident in a house fire. Alice's plan, however, does seem to come to fruition. Kate can't handle the stories that Cartright is telling her. He is the one person who has done all of this to Kate. She ends up killing Cartwright in the heat of passion.

In the final wrap up moments, Alice and Kate share a drink outside the bar. Alice takes a sip and says "We'll need more of this with the night we've got ahead". Kate asks why, to which Alice replies, "bodies don't bury themselves". The episode ends on Kate who has now killed someone and the Kane family reunited in this dark scene.

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#5 RE: Off With Her Head Recapathena69 2020-03-20 10:11
After seeing the scene where Mabel pours hot tea on Beth's hands, makes me wonder if that's why Alice wears the lace gloves - to hide the burn scars?

Hmm... it just occurred to me - both Beth's and Kate's first murders were a Cartwright. Newly-enhanced-psycho Mouse will not be pleased.
#4 RE: Off With Her Head RecapSiggi 2020-03-17 14:27
That episode had...quite some ...surprises! To say at least....
My detailed review will follow tomorrow.....check the forum then ;-)
#3 RE: Off With Her Head RecapBaka115 2020-03-15 23:57
This is totally change Alice vs Kate, Alice vs Jacob and Alice vs Mouse relationship for good.
+1 #2 RE: Off With Her Head RecapRomulus 2020-03-15 19:34
It was an enjoyable, creepy episode and it revealed additional layers of complexity and gravitas to the unfolding storyline. This show does stick to the dark and moody vein nicely.
#1 RE: Off With Her Head RecapCatPat 2020-03-15 18:14
What a Batastic episode! This show doesn't disappoint.


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