Part 2 of Elseworlds Recap

HERE WE GO! This is the episode of the crossover all Batwoman fans have been waiting for! Finally, we are going to get to see the first live action Batwoman ever and Ruby Rose is in the cowl! We've heard all the rumors, all the spoilers and made all the speculation but put simply, it's time to see Batwoman! How does the Arrowverse trinity deal with Kate Kane, do Supergirl and Batwoman form a fast friendship, will Barry and Oliver be able to fix reality and get back into their original bodies? Answers await! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. A Brief Stop in Star City: Argus led by Diggle, is tasked to bring down Slade Wilson's son. It looks like he has the upper hand until the trinity shows up. Supergirl quickly disarms him and Flash and Arrow bring him down. Afterward, the team heads to Argus to let Diggle in on the Quantum Leap swap. He doesn't have as much of an issue accepting the transfer. They ask that Argus use their resources to figure out what is happening to the sky and why there is so much yellow lightning. While they are figuring it out, Supergirl, Arrow and Flash head to Gotham where they find the Bat Signal!
  2. Gotham in Daylight: Guess Gotham is in a worse condition than we thought. Kara, Barry and Oliver are already mugged in the streets. Kara literally grabs a bullet as it exits a gun faster than people can see. Oliver, acting like Barry, tries to de-escalate the situation. It doesn't go fast enough for Barry as Green Arrow and he disarms all the muggers but cops arrive and there is Oliver Queen holding a gun to a mugger. The trinity is arrested.
  3. Enter Kate Kane: Kate has been watching the trio since they arrived in Gotham. She bails them out of jail and sends her guard to bring them to Wayne Tower which is now in disrepair due to Bruce's vanishing three years ago. Kate has been working on fixing up Wayne Enterprises and she gives the team a place to work out of. The Flash is able to "borrow" some info from Gotham PD and they finally get a lead on a name. Dr. John Deegan.
  4. Kara and Kate: Kara and Kate share a moment before Kara changes into Supergirl. The two talk candidly about Wayne Enterprises, Bruce and Gotham. It seems like Kara already knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman, likely because his Earth 38 version told that to Superman. Kate hilariously hits on Kara and Kara gets mega flustered. The two part, both preparing their alter-egos.
  5. Arkham Asylum: Argus is able to get a little bit of success helping whatever is trying to break into Earth 1's reality. Turns out it's Earth 90's Barry Allen. He is giving them instructions on what they need to do to stop the coming crisis. Cisco breaches the team to Arkham where they meet Kara, Oliver and Barry. Oliver, unsure of his Flash abilities, is not willing to do a super speed recon, so Kara suggests a break-in. Killer Frost and Kara buy them some time when Oliver meets up with John Deegan. Deegan, admits to changing reality but doesn't want to stop. He lets out all the inmates of Arkham.
  6. Enter Batwoman: The prison break is bigger than was first thought. Kara takes off to find Deegan and get the book. Diggle takes out a lot of the prisoners and Oliver as The Flash puts many of them back into their cages. Barry as Green Arrow starts to shoot down some of the prisoners outside but isn't very successful. Thankfully for them, Batwoman appears and takes out all the remaining prisoners. Exasperated that she has to clean up their mess, Batwoman begins to help the team take care of the prison break. Kara is able to find Deegan and takes the book but not before he disappears.
  7. Scarecrow Gas: Oliver and Barry get gassed and end up fighting each other's arch nemesis. However, the gas is making them actually fight each other. Batwoman appears and she is so done with the situation. In one quick move she takes out Barry and Oliver. The two wake up and realize they were gassed. With the book, the team decides to leave Gotham. Batwoman is very happy to see them leave. Before heading out though, Supergirl takes a moment to talk to Batwoman. The two know who each other are and Kara gives Kate a vote of confidence. The two shake hands knowing they would be good friends ... The World's Finest!

In the final moments, Mar Novu gives the team a small concession. He lets them know that they are the first of the worlds he's tested to get the book of destiny back. The Monitor reveals he is preparing for a crisis coming! Perhaps the Crisis on Infinite Earths and he is trying to assemble a team strong enough to stop the coming danger. Flash 90's Flash, Supergirl and Green Arrow stand ready to face Mar Novu but he dispatches them, gets the book again and gives it to Deegan. He encourages Deegan to rewrite reality yet again and this time he summons Dark Superman who is hunting down Barry and Oliver who are now the trigger twins.

Let us know what you thought of Batwoman's debut in the comments below and in the forum!

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#3 RE: Part 2 of Elseworlds RecapSiggi 2018-12-11 13:00
Quoting Admin:

Batwoman does have a pilot ordered already so chances are looking good

I know, but as long as not a whole season is ordered...I am superstitious ;-)
#2 RE: Part 2 of Elseworlds Admin 2018-12-11 12:50
Quoting Siggi:
A really great episode in my opinion!
Loved the performance from Ruby as Kate and especially as Batwoman.
Damn, I really hope that she will get her own Series :-)

Batwoman does have a pilot ordered already so chances are looking good
#1 Great episodeSiggi 2018-12-11 12:39
A really great episode in my opinion!
Loved the performance from Ruby as Kate and especially as Batwoman.
Damn, I really hope that she will get her own Series :-)

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