Peter Outerbridge Cast as Black Mask & Rule #1 Gallery

Does it feel like the entire game has changed for Batwoman after last week's big reveal? It's like there is a whole new mystery to discover and we're standing on the edge of an epic story. Despite everyone thinking it to be the case, Kate Kane is not dead! Recast as Wallis Day, our hero from season 1 is now very much in the same position Beth was when she was kidnapped. We don't think Kate's been kidnapped but she very well could be, all we know is that she is underground beneath some barbar shop in Gotham. While we love Ryan as Batwoman and she has made the role her own, we are thrilled that we aren't done with Kate's story too! Looking ahead to next episode titled "Rule #1" we now have a gallery of preview images, and have learned who is playing Black Mask. It's actor Peter Outerbridge who was on The CW's Nikita series.

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#2 RE: Peter Outerbridge Cast as Black Mask & Rule #1 GalleryCatPat 2021-03-25 06:52
Yes, I do think think we are on the edge of an exciting new mystery/story arc. I am glad I didn't turn the TV off when Julia (finally) returned only to announce Kate was "really" dead as they found body parts. Ugh... which parts? I think Wallis Day is perfect casting as the new Kate Kane. This is the most thrilling Batwoman casting news of all!

I thought it looked like Kate was in a dungeon type room but other sites suggests it was the sewers of Gotham. Which? Also, where did the mask come from...?

The black mask looks cool. I hope he is very sinister.

I can curious if we are at the turning point for Alice.
Surely she wouldn't harm a kitten! Really, please no harming of kittens! Will she visit the grave site for the not really dead Kate?

Now, how soon will Safiyah be in Gotham to take vengeance on Alice for destroying her desert rose orchard? Will she manipulate Ocean's memories further or will Ocean also want revenge on Alice for "fatally" stabbing him?
#1 RE: Peter Outerbridge Cast as Black Mask & Rule #1 GallerySiggi 2021-03-25 03:13
^ I am pretty certain that she was kidnapped and locked away at that place. Why would Kate Kane stay there of her own will? Especially with that injuries....
That goon with the bird mask: Is that a villain that I am not familiar with? Or is that "just" a member of the false faces society with a deluxe mask?
Looking forward to Black Mask! Good that we finally know who will be playing him.
I wonder how Ryan and Angelique will behave towards each other? Batwoman knows that Angelique had that new girlfriend/one night stand......but Ryan doesn't "know" it ;-)

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