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Welcome Batwoman family! We have a lot to cover today. First, this is the mid-season finale for Batwoman! Poison Mary, under Alice's tutelage embraces her newfound powers! But before we dive into the episode, some housekeeping items to share. While this might be the mid-season finale of Batwoman, our very own Batwoman will appear in The Flash's five-part crossover event! This could be as early as next week. Supergirl's Alex Danvers appeared last night also! As for the next bit of news, we haven't been able to find this anywhere else but on Caroline Dries (our showrunner's) Twitter, but Batwoman's third season has been reduced to just 13 episodes. That makes this episode over the halfway mark for season 3! Not our favorite thing to hear, but nevertheless, Batwoman vs Poison Ivy and with Mary taking that mantle on, we are having a hard time rooting solely for Batwoman, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Family Betrayal: Ryan uses her brother's trust so that Jada can capture him in exchange for a favor. Sophie wakes up at Renee's place and learns that Mary is Poison Ivy. Jada prepares her son for freezing and also tasks her team with developing a cure for Mary. Alice's tracker goes off when she breaks perimeter. She has Mary and the pair are making a run of it but Mary has regained control momentarily. Alice is able to manipulate the situation and Mary sides with her until she can gain control of her new powers.
  2. Signal Scramble: Batwoman takes off to catch Alice but Alice has spilled blood on vehicles going everywhere so they can't track her. Alice is now in need of a blood transfusion and Mary and Alice hit up a bar to find a donor. Mary's powers are starting to take hold and she uses her newly found mind control pheromones, to get free drinks. Back at Jada's clinic, Marquis tries to understand what his mother is doing but buys time to break free.
  3. Sibling Vengeance: Marquis is out on the run, Ryan and Sophie find Jada and she lets them know he is after Ryan. He's arrived at Wayne tower looking for Ryan. Luke senses the danger and calls security. Marquis dispatches the security quickly and while Luke gets a few good hits in, he is still injured and eventually loses the fight. Mary and Alice work to find a suitable donor and are finally successful. Sophie goes to get the cure and they find that the scientist was killed by Marquis. Ryan arrives at Wayne Tower to find Luke knocked out and Marquis in waiting. Marquis has the cure for Mary and he's there to collect a price. He wants Ryan step down from Wayne Enterprises and her stock options. Ryan complies to get the cure.
  4. A One in Four Chance: Batwoman is racing around town to find Mary. She has a one in four chance of finding her in time. Luke talks with Sophie and gets an inspiration. While she didn't use any credit cards, she did use her coffee rewards program. Luke sets Batwoman in the right direction. Mary is slowly warming up to Alice and she wants Alice to stay with her during this transformation. Marquis calls his mother and tells her to watch the tv in the morning.
  5. Mary and Alice: Mary is still in control but her newest feelings toward Alice convince her to leave an injured man and flee the scene. Batwoman catches up to Mary and Alice and offers Mary the cure. Mary asks Batwoman what she would do if the cure didn't work and her pheromones force her to tell the truth. Mary makes the choice to not take the cure and calls upon vines to restrain Batwoman.

In the final wrap up moments, Batwoman returns without Mary. Marquis is taking over Wayne Enterprises. The team is locked out of the tower but they have secured the cave. They just can't return to it. They are left with just the Batsuit and the Batmobile. In a hideout hotel, Mary is revealed as the new Poison Ivy. Check out a preview of Batwoman's return episode in 2022 below:

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Posted my review in the forum ;-)
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Enjoyed the episode.Some great twists.

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