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Welcome back Batwoman fans, it looks like we are getting a rare weekend update from The CW this morning/afternoon. The title and synopsis for Batwoman's seventh episode in her third year is titled "Pick Your Poison". The synopsis has us thinking differently than the title. Of course anytime we see poison we are thinking the great poison ivy, but from the synopsis, pick your poison could be referring to pick between two bad situations. The first being the struggle going on in the Bat team with Mary and Luke, the second being with the growing family troubles for Ryan. What stands out the most for us though, who could Alice recruit?

DOUBLE TROUBLE – As Ryan’s (Javicia Leslie) family dynamic grows more complicated, she also finds herself in the middle of a Bat Team stand-off between Luke (Camrus Johnson) and Mary (Nicole Kang).  Meanwhile, Alice (Rachel Skarsten) finds a new sidekick to do her bidding.  Also starring Nick Creegan and Robin Givens.  Holly Dale directed the episode written by Kelly Ota and Emily Alonso (#307).  Original airdate 11/24/21.

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#2 RE: Pick Your Poison SynopsisSiggi 2021-11-07 01:27
Guess that is the shortest synopsis yet?
With that two sentences, it really doesn't tell much... much like the teasers lately.
Seems like they wanna keep most surprises, for me.
#1 RE: Pick Your Poison Synopsiscomic fan 2021-11-06 13:39
Sounds like things get worst between Luke & Mary.

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