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For anyone, press, actor, producer, fan, random passer-by, the aftermath of San Diego Comic Con is exhaustion! However, the news continues and The CW is still hammering their promotion of their newest Arrowverse show, Batwoman! A couple of interesting facts have been revealed since the major Batwoman panel at SDCC. First, we are learning now that the Elseworlds crossover event (last year's three hour three show event that introduced us to Batwoman) takes place between episodes three and four of the first season! As panel-viewers know, the iconic red and black Batwoman suit hasn't even been created yet. (It doesn't debut in the pilot).

The second fun piece of promotional material is that a new poster has been debuted featuring the season 1 villain, Alice! Batwoman fans will know that Alice is a MAJOR character of the Batwoman lore so it is only fitting that she get her own poster! You can check that out below:

0091 poster

Let us know what you think of the news and the poster in the comments below and in our forum!

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#2 RE: Post SDCC Batwoman NewsSiggi 2019-07-30 07:14
Well, as the black and red Batwoman suit is finished by the end of episode 1, that leaves episodes 2 and 3 for its making. I would say she is confused for Batman (from the distance at least) as we saw in the trailer already... and then gets the "real" suit from Luke.
#1 RE: Post SDCC Batwoman NewsRomulus 2019-07-29 18:53
I'm liking the slow burn build-up. Should be an interesting few months before the debut. Looking forward to seeing how things unfold on the show. Provided they have a cohesive, consistent and interesting plot and story, the show might be very watchable. ;-)

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