Prior Criminal History Recap

Here we are again! It's only been a week since Ryan Wilder put on the Batsuit but we are hungry for more. At the conclusion of the last episode, Ryan had relinquished the suit noting that Kate Kane was truly the hero who deserved to wear it. Tonight we are enjoying a whole new episode and we sit in wonder at what menace could draw out Ryan and force her to wear the suit again? Will Safiyah make her debut? Are there any more clues to where Kate Kane has gone? What about that Kryptonite poisoning that Ryan took when she was shot? More answers and more questions follow in our recap of "Prior Criminal History" below:

  1. Batwoman Saves Ryan: In a flashback to two months ago, we see that Ryan was actually saved by Kate's Batwoman from a mugging. We cut to today to see that Ryan is still trying to get a job. She is applying to be a security guard and with her martial arts background she would be a perfect fit, but her prior criminal history stops her from getting the job. At Crows' headquarters, Jacob and Sophie grill Luke and Mary on Kate's associates but they are way ahead of any tactics that the Crows would use.
  2. Robbery: Ryan seeks pain meds for the Kryptonite shot but the store gets robbed. She breaks up the robbery but a Crow agent shows up to see Ryan behind the counter and arrests her assuming that she was the robber. She is taken in where Sophie begins an interrogation. The security footage clears her name. After a misunderstanding with Sophie, Ryan figures out that Alice is Beth. Mouse is brought into Mary's clinic and hes been cut up pretty badly postmortem.
  3. Alice and Julia: Alice gets the drop on Julia by hiding in her car. She reveals Safiyah's involvement in Kate's plane crash. Alice looks to get Julia on her side to get Safiyah first before she can kill them both. When Julia says no, Alice stabs her in the side. At Mary's clinic, a bat bursts out of Mouse's corpse. Because Mouse was poisoned by Alice's killer toxin, all the bats that have bitten Mouse now carry the poison. Meanwhile, a Batwoman rally in Gotham becomes the target of Alice's revenge. To disperse the crowd, Ryan puts on the suit to show the city that Batwoman isn't gone.
  4. Ryan's Batwoman: On top of a skyscraper, Ryan appears as Batwoman. Jacob thinks it might be Kate but he sees it isn't her. Alice appears to face the "imposter" Batwoman. Ryan, empowered with the suit, sees an opportunity to kill Alice once and for all. Once Ryan gets the upper hand on Alice, she flips her switch and calls the poisoned Bats to attack the rally. Ryan abandons her quest for vengeance to be the hero the city needs. Ryan draws all the bats to a city bus where she can contain them and save the rally participants.
  5. Alice's Unpredictable Move: Alice has the antidote to the poison and she gives it to Mary. Mary thinks this is somehow her way of grieving for Kate. Mary is able to take the cure to her family's company where they synthase an antidote. 

In the final wrap up moments, Sophie and Mary wonder why Alice made her move. Sophie pressures Julia to give up the new Batwoman but Julia doesn't know who she is. Julia comments on the fact that Sophie and her relationship is over. Julia does give a probable location on where Alice is hiding out and Sophie tells her to keep it between them. Ryan heads to the batcave to return the suit but asks if she can stay on as Batwoman until Kate returns. Luke reluctantly agrees. Just as in the previous season, Kate would write to Bruce in her journal. Ryan carries on the tradition and starts to write to Kate. Sophie gets the drop on Alice but Tattiana, an agent of Safiyah takes out Sophie and Alice. The episode ends with Alice being knocked out and presumably taken to see Safiyah!

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#6 RE: Prior Criminal History RecapCatPat 2021-01-31 09:22
One of the best lines ever... Alice to Julia,

Believe it or not, I’m not here to kill you, Pennywhistle. If I was, I’d just ‘swipe left’ and delete you.
#5 RE: Prior Criminal History RecapSiggi 2021-01-25 14:25
A very good episode with some nice references ;-)
My lengthy review can be found in the forum!
#4 RE: Prior Criminal History RecapCatPat 2021-01-25 06:56
The Rachel Maddow narrative returned. I was glad, as I was thinking they dropped it as it wasn't part of the premiere.

Poor Mouse, no respect for the dead criminally insane.
+1 #3 RE: Prior Criminal History Recapcomic fan 2021-01-24 18:30
There is a great interview up from EW.

The whole poison bat attack from Alice to draw out Safiyah was from the aborted season 1 finale.
#2 RE: Prior Criminal History RecapCatPat 2021-01-24 18:18
Rats and Bats oh my... Where is PETA when you need them?
#1 RE: Prior Criminal History Recapcomic fan 2021-01-24 18:16
Strong episode tonight and I'm liking our new Batwoman very much.Nice twist of having Kate saving Ryan.This episode also gave me a better idea of the timeline.We are only like a week after the season 1 finale.

Alice also seems even more dangerous now

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