Robin Givens Joins Batwoman Season 3

Today, Deadline has learned of a new member joining the cast of Batwoman for season three. As we start to unpack this news, it should be noted that due to covid-19, filming schedules are feeling a bit accelerated and while this time during normal circumstances we'd all be learning about this at comic con, the shows are having to expedite their work to meet the fall schedule and try to return to normal production schedules. In the season finale, Alice dropped the bomb that Ryan's birth mother is still alive. While this article doesn't claim it, this could be Ryan's actual mother. The role is that of Jada Jet and will be played by Robin Givens (Head of State with Chris Rock, Tyler Perry’s The Family That Preys and the upcoming Last Looks with Mel Gibson and Charlie Hunnam). Her character is described as:

A powerful CEO for Jet Industries, Jada isn’t bossy: she’s the boss. Passionate and hard working, a woman who has worked her way through life’s ups and downs to climb her way to the top — all while being extremely protective over her impetuous son. A woman with a deep past that forced her to give up her first-born child, Jada is a woman with a good heart, but will do whatever it takes to protect her family.

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#2 RE: Robin Givens Joins Batwoman Season 3comic fan 2021-07-06 15:32
Great casting get.
#1 RE: Robin Givens Joins Batwoman Season 3Siggi 2021-07-06 13:57
Yeah, chances are near 100% that this is Ryan's birth mom.
And with that first name, she is very qualified for a role in the show ;-)
Don't know her except from some Riverdale episodes, but that will change soon.

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