Ruby Rose Deletes Twitter

Unfortunately, amid casting backlash on social media (specifically Twitter), Ruby Rose has decided to suspend her twitter account. After the casting announcement was made, fans started to share their opinions about the casting decision. It would seem a trend developed with fans stating that Ruby wasn't "lesbian enough" for the role. This sparked the final twitter statement from Rose before she suspended her account. You can review her statement below:

0011 tweet

It is a disappointing outcome considering Ruby hasn't even started the role or worn the suit. Historically, fans were "outraged" at Heath Ledger's Joker casting or Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn but when the actor had the chance to bring the character to life, their performance was heralded as a definitive performance. We want to wish Ruby Rose all the support we can and are excited to see how she will bring Kate Kane to life. It is our hope that fans will also follow this direction and reserve their judgement until Ruby has a chance to make Batwoman her own.

Let us know what you think of this news in the comments below and in the forum. We have also added this issue to our polls on the right (or below on mobile) so you can cast your vote.

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#5 RE: Ruby Rose Deletes TwitterZoya 2018-08-16 17:48
folks gotta learn to remove her @ before responding, they should aim their displeasure at the decision makers, not the actor who benefitted from it. it is funny though how she will only address the comments about her not being enough of a lesbian, but does not dispute that she is not respected as an actor. If they insist on proceeding with her, hopefully they give her few lines and an on set acting tutor.....
#4 missing some of the pointZoya 2018-08-16 17:40
many fixate on the negative reaction from the community, but no one really wants to talk about the lack of acting ability and overall unlikeability. This seems like another CW casting from a list of contracted actors they are obliged to use, or a personal matter between the actor and the showrunners.
#3 RE: Ruby Rose Deletes TwitterDigificWriter 2018-08-13 07:58
It's bad enough that she had to deal with this kind of crap in the first place, but having to deal with it from wrongheaded members of the LGBT community makes it even more disgusting.
#2 RE: Ruby Rose Deletes Twitterkdogg87 2018-08-12 18:37
I'm getting really sick of the toxic portions of our fandoms. This includes Supergirl and The Flash. I realize they are likely the minority, but they are also the most vocal, so they are who are heard the most.

If someone is a celebrity of ANY level, it's almost a necessity to either delete social media, or never pay attention to comments or mentions. Even Grant Gustin deleted his twitter in the past few days. Instagram seems to be the least severe of the offending platforms.

I hope Ruby deleted her twitter out of a desire to avoid the drama, instead of because the comments got to her. I don't want her opinion on taking on this project to be colored so negatively before they've ever gotten started.
#1 RE: Ruby Rose Deletes Twittergettyburg 2018-08-12 17:30
You go Ruby Rose and not letting hater's get you down.

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