Ruby Rose Has To Pull Out of SDCC

In an emotional and purpose-felt post on her instagram, Ruby Rose gave fans notice that she would be unable to attend Comic Con this year due to production issues. The scenes she is working on for the episode require a lot more time and work than production thought and was simply unprepared for the depth required. In a video statement to her fans on Instagram, the Caped Crusader actor said [paraphrased] that she and the crew tried everything humanly possible to try and get her there. Ruby notes that she knows that there are banners, elevators, hotel key cards and batwoman signal lights across the city and she wanted to be there more than anything. Rose even notes that she couldn't have been more excited to be invited to SDCC as a guest because even before that she simply wanted to go as a fan.

In our opinion, this sucks. But we don't wish ill on Ruby at all and we hope that you will follow that thinking. Ruby is doing an incredible job as Batwoman (see our spoiler free review of the pilot). We'd much rather have a quality Batwoman show, than an in-person Batwoman appearance at Comic Con. Our best wishes go out to Ruby and the crew! Thank you for all the hard work you are doing! See you October 6th!

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#2 RE: Ruby Rose Has To Pull Out of SDCCRomulus 2019-07-19 05:41
Unfortunate, but completely understandable.
#1 RE: Ruby Rose Has To Pull Out of SDCCSiggi 2019-07-19 05:27
Totally understandable. As much as I would have liked to see some interviews with her, I understand that it wasn't manageable to fly down to San Diego.
I guess it wasn't completely impossible, since most of the other actors will be there, but filming the show has priority!

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