Ruby Rose On How Batwoman Just Felt Right

After the Upfront presentations and before San Diego Comic Con is usually a quiet time for news. The shows aren't actively filming, the actors are usually on vacation or doing other projects, and the writers are hurriedly working to create the next season's path forward. As for Batwoman, there is a unique situation this year because the show is on it's first season. That means that while other Arrowverse shows don't have their first episode completed, Batwoman does (hence that amazing trailer we got). Well, amid the void of news, was able to catch up with Ruby Rose and Caroline Dries (executive producer of the show) and get a few reactions now that the pilot is finished.

Caroline Dries, while creating the show and working on the crossover event that would bring Kate Kane into existence in the Arrowverse, was thinking:

We need a Ruby Rose. And it was like, ‘That would be great, but that’s not going to happen. She’s a movie star.'

But to our delight, that didn't suspend the hail mary pass and producers reached out to Ruby regardless. Ruby was surprised at the pitch the producers had for her and what started as an open conversation began to cement. Ruby said this about the process:

When people see the show, they will understand why this character is so important to me and why after reading the script, it was a no-brainer that I would happily spend as long as I’m allowed to playing this character, over trying to find new ones. It’s very rare that something feels that special. And if it feels that special, it seems impossible that it couldn’t be special.

For more on how Ruby learned about Kate's journey and the toll stunts and storytelling took on her, head over to to read their piece.

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#2 RE: Ruby Rose On How Batwoman Just Felt RightSiggi 2019-06-05 01:28
It was rather unusual that they got her to play the role. But with her personal motivation to play Kate/Batwoman, it is a great start for certain. I am sure she could earn more money in the same time if she would play in some more action movies (like she did in John Wick 2, MEG and so on) instead of becoming a caped crusader. And that will hopefully fill her schedule to a certain degree for some years ;-)
#1 RE: Ruby Rose On How Batwoman Just Felt RightRomulus 2019-06-03 18:52
Very nice article. I'm sure Ruby will bring a very believable and reliable interpretation to this character. We'll know if the hard work and dedication will pay off and translate into wider viewer acceptance and ratings success after the pilot is shown. I wish the show well and believe that it will fill a niche and satisfy a decent segment of the viewing public. ;-)

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