Ruby Rose on The Tonight Show

When you are cast in an iconic role, no matter your experience, your life changes! It is inevitable! Tonight, our female Caped-Crusader had the opportunity to sit down with Jimmy Fallon of NBC's The Tonight Show, to talk about her new movie, The Meg! While we don't want to put any statement against The Meg, it was clear in this interview, that Jimmy Fallon was utterly interested in Ruby becoming Batwoman! Of course, Ruby didn't disappoint, fans were let in on the story of when she first heard she was cast. Check it out below:

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#3 RE: Ruby Rose on The Tonight ShowJD_Cunegan 2018-08-09 17:06
I love the story about how she lived with bats in her house growing up. I mean... can you get any more meta?
#2 RE: Ruby Rose on The Tonight Admin 2018-08-09 10:52
I think that Ruby came across very passionate about this role. I've also found that Berlanti's vision is often very well backed up by his choice in casting companies and Rapaport Casting has found some AMAZING people. I think Ruby will do very well as Batwoman.
#1 RE: Ruby Rose on The Tonight Showgettyburg 2018-08-09 09:23
Explain to me again, anybody how does she not fit the role of Bat woman. I like her attitude toward's playing the character saying that. she want's her Batwoman to be role for any body. not just for gay men or woman. but for every body and how exicted she is playing the role. and her positive attitude about it as well.

I would just love to see her make a appearance on Super girl. how her and super girl would lay off of one other. and they would clash with their different views of how to deal with clash

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