Ruby Rose's Batwoman Suit Revealed!

There is something that is so iconic about a "Bat" costume. The ears have to be just right, the utility belt needs to be functional but not too big, the emblem needs to visible and incorporated into the look and feel of the uniform and finally the cape needs to be long enough to have a regal length but also keep the bat curves. If you can hit those hot spots and keep a two-tone color scheme, you just might have an iconic look that will last for a long time. Today, Colleen Atwood, Academy Award Winning costume designer, has knocked it out of the park yet again! Ruby Rose puts on the cape and cowel for the first time and she looks amazing! It should be noted that Atwood has done all the title characters for the Arrowverse including Supergirl and The Flash! Check out the image below and click on it to get full size!

0024 poster

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#4 RE: Ruby Rose's Batwoman Suit Revealed!Laura 2018-10-09 14:07
Looks great but could look different on tv. I remember the promo shots of supergirl's suit and people complained about how dark it was.
#3 RE: Ruby Rose's Batwoman Suit Revealed! Admin 2018-10-09 09:56
I love the costume, I think it looks great! I know everyone has a little nit-picky part and I guess mine would be wanting a bigger utility belt (more pouches).
#2 RE: Ruby Rose's Batwoman Suit Revealed!BWomanFan 2018-10-09 09:44
Love this! Especially like the cape and the location of the batwoman logo.
#1 RE: Ruby Rose's Batwoman Suit Revealed!kdogg87 2018-10-09 09:12
Not many people commenting at this site, yet.

Regardless, great costume.

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