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Batman has one rule (well maybe not if you're Zach Snyder's Batman), but we all know what rule that is, no killing! It was a rule that Kate Kane struggled with and eventually broke when she was faced with her sister's capture. Ryan now adorning the Batsuit, is going to face off against Gotham's biggest foe and we have to assume that is Alice. Since Alice took Ryan's mother's life, will Ryan be able to contain herself and abide by Batman's number 1 rule? We'll have to wait and see. The episode synopsis for "Rule #1" the ninth episode of the second season is just below. Check it out for yourself:

THE CHOICES WE MAKE - Batwoman (Javicia Leslie) confronts Gotham’s biggest foe, while new information forces those closest to Kate to make some difficult decisions.  Ryan’s feelings for Angelique (guest star Bevin Bru) puts her partnership with Luke (Camrus Johnson) and Mary (Nicole Kang) at risk, while Alice (Rachel Skarsten) goes on a warped walk down memory lane.  Also starring Dougray Scott and Meagan Tandy.  Michael Blundell directed the episode written by Nancy Kiu and Maya Houston (#209).  Original airdate 3/28/2021.

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#1 RE: Rule #1 SynopsisSiggi 2021-03-12 00:43
Hmh, I wonder who they are referring to with "Gotham biggest foe"?
I guess that's rather Black Mask at this point as Alice is mostly not so active towards Gotham (with the exception of the infested bats). She could use some new recruits to form a new Wonderland Gang.
It seems that Batwoman has now met Angelique as well. And yeah, that's a problematic constellation for sure.

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